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Becoming Jean
Beware SPOILERS for Season Four of Stargate Atlantis in the interview below!

Kate Hewlett had a busy 2007. Living in three different cities in two countries, the actress somehow managed to squeeze in time for, not one, but two appearances on Atlantis, which features her real-life brother David.

Finally settled back in to her home in Toronto, GateWorld got the chance to catch up with this busy lady just before the Christmas holiday. In our latest interview with the actress, she updates us on her life as both a writer and actress, and discusses how the role of Jean Miller has progressed since her first appearance.

GateWorld's interview with Hewlett is available in MP3 audio format for easy listening, and is 28 minutes long. It is also transcribed below. You can also download the interview to your MP3 player and take GateWorld with you!

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GateWorld: For, I'm David Read, and I'm once again on the phone with miss Kate Hewlett, who has just gotten out of a blizzard! How are you doing, Kate?

Kate Hewlett: OK! Yeah, it's really, really snowy here. I don't know what is happening.

GW: Is that not normal for Toronto?

KH: It is, yeah. It always surprises me, because Toronto is one of those places where it's boiling hot one day, and then all of a sudden it's winter. A Christmas wonderland.

GW: Sudden climate changes. Well that's kind of cool. You get a little bit of a variety, but it's got to be frustrating on the wardrobe.

KH: Yeah, and the mascara. [Laughter]

GW: Well I don't really think about that, but yes I can understand it!

GW: Beyond your brother, who would you like to share more scenes with in future episodes of Atlantis on the show?

KH: I would love to work with Carter again. I love working with Amanda, but also she has a similar rhythm that David and I have, and it's really fun. The banter is really fun with her, and that rapid-fire dialogue, I really enjoy that, and I think she's also a really great actress.

"Millers Crossing" featured return appearances for the entire Miller family.
I would love to work with Sheppard some more. I think that's a really interesting character. He's got this great dry sense of humor. Really I only had one brief scene with Joe in the second episode, and it was fun. I really like him a lot. He's a great guy. It's a very interesting character, too.

Also I think Teyla is a really interesting character. I've really never worked with Rachel except in those lunch room scenes in Season Three. And she is wonderful, again, wonderful actress. She's really very talented. I'd like to write something for her, actually.

GW: Multitalented. She can sing and dance and just do everything!

KH: Yeah! Yeah, she's very talented and she's the sweetest woman. She really is. I'm not giving you a very good answer, am I? I'm saying everybody! I really like Jason!

It's a great group of people. I've really only worked with David and Amanda. In my second episode it was mostly with Henry Wallace.

GW: Yeah, what a great actor that is. Steven Culp.

KH: Oh, don't even get me started. He's amazing. He's amazing. He was just incredible to work with, and a lovely person. I'm actually still in contact with him. It's nice when that happens, when you work with someone and you really click. I'm determined to write a part for him, because I think he's the most interesting man.

He's such a good actor and he has so much going on in his face. He can do so little and there's so much going on in his eyes, and I find that really fascinating to watch. He also is a really hard worker. There were so many notes in his script, for every single scene. The kind of work people often do in theatre, he does that on his TV and film scripts as well.

GW: Yeah. He really wants to get it right.

KH: And he also gets the giggles. Like I do. Which I appreciated! It's terrible. We had a terrible problem with that.

GW: How would you rate "Miller's Crossing" against "McKay and Mrs. Miller?" Which was the more enjoyable [episode] and which do you prefer to watch?

KH: That's a tough question. I think they're extremely different. I thought the first one was more of an establishing episode for the relationship between the two characters. There's a lot more humor in the first one. In ["Miller's Crossing"] there was a lot more action, which I think the fans probably appreciate. There was a little bit of banter but it didn't dominate the episode.

I don't know. For me personally ...

GW: Both of them Martin Gero wrote.

KH: Yeah, he's such a good writer. I think they're both great. I think maybe I preferred "McKay and Mrs. Miller." ... No, I don't know. I actually don't know. I like the darkness of "Miller's Crossing." A lot. I felt more comfortable as well on set. I felt more comfortable. Sometimes watching "McKay and Mrs. Miller" I'm more critical. In "Miller's Crossing," well, I've only seen "Miller's Crossing" once, so maybe I'll be more critical!

GW: Well, you've established that character. You know who she is more than you did a year ago, you know?

Hewlett admits to feeling much more comfortable about her role a second time around.
KH: I think so. Yeah, I think so. Hopefully if I get to go back she'll just continue to grow. She's not just McKay's sister. That's not enough to build a character. I think that "McKay and Mrs. Miller" was establishing "This is McKay's sister" and going back to "Letters From Pegasus." Referring back to other episodes. There was a lot of anticipation about Jeannie, and I think this newer episode is nice because it's seeing how she fits in now.

GW: Right, exactly. And it shows that that relationship has grown. He didn't just forget everything that she tried to get across to him.

KH: Yeah. I sometimes go online and read what people say about the episodes. I'm a glutton for punishment. I think a lot of the fans have trouble with how mean Jeannie is to her brother, and I think for me -- you should hear David and I talk. We're brutal! We're brutal to each other. But we love each other a lot, and I think that is how siblings interact sometimes. I think the banter is how you cover up the true feelings. You can't be, like, "I love you, man," all the time. No one functions like that!

I like it when they go at each other a little bit. I think it shows that there's something else going on.

GW: Yeah. "I'm frustrated with this right now, but in the end I do love you and everything's going to be OK. ... If we can survive!"

KH: Yeah, "If we can survive! And the nanites don't mean that I die."
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