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Bill Marchant (2) BILL MARCHANT (2)
GateWorld talks with Bill Marchant
Actor Bill Marchant returns to Stargate SG-1 in Season Five's "48 Hours." He plays Adrian Conrad, a wealthy man now host to a Goa'uld -- in the custody of the N.I.D. The Vancouver, B.C.-based actor recently took time out to talk to us once again about his experience filming this episode.

Stargate fans have finally seen Season Five's "48 Hours," which marks your second guest appearance on the show. How was your filming experience different the second time around?

Though the first time is always the most memorable, the second time is always better -- as they say when it comes to love. And it is true in TV, too. You feel a level of comfort and control and just sheer play that allows you to go beyond mere nerves and explore new avenues of the character, nuances that flesh out things for the audience. This is especially true in sci-fi, where one can easily fall into general mood-playing or caricature cartoon acting.

I also had the opportunity to experience the RDA factor moreso in the second episode. God, the man is funny. He is a star for good reason. Try holding a straight face opposite "Jack" cracking a joke.

You spent this entire episode playing a Goa'uld, instead of a sick man trying to save his life. What are the challenges of "playing evil," and how does that role differ from Adrian Conrad the host (who is, arguably, a goodguy)?

I don't think you ever play "evil." You only ever play "need." I think the needs of the Goa'uld are quite primal, quite simple. I also believe there is a little bit of Adrian hiding just beneath the skin of this bad-ass. It sure feels sexy to have that much power. Some girls must love the Goa'uld. C'mon, tell me they do!

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Conrad is possessed by a Goa'uld in Season Five's 'Desperate Measures.'
Most of your work in "48 Hours" was done in a tiny cage. Did the fact that you weren't immersed in a more typical set, with many other actors, present extra challenges?

Adrian / the Goa'uld (hey Brad and Michael and writers, give me a name) knows he is getting out. I / He will win in the end.

As an actor, the greater the obstacle in the playing, the greater the reward in performance. The cage raises the stakes for the character, thereby increasing the level of conflict -- more fun for all involved.

Anything from the episode's script (or anything ad-libbed) that didn't make the final cut, as far as you know?

No, we stayed true to the original script. However, a tidbit of gossip that may appeal to fans is that I believe the mansion we filmed in was recently purchased by Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

The Goa'ulded Conrad is still alive and kickin'. How would you like to see the writers deal with the character in the future?

I would love to do the next film, so i hope that my Goa'uld turns out to be maybe a little more supreme than any other Goa'uld encountered. Otherwise, I would love to return to the land of Adrian, get my mind and body back, and seduce Carter away from Jack. If he hasn't got her yet, it is time someone else did. (I hear Major Davis may have designs on her, but he doesn't stand a chance against my billions.)

Stargate SG-1 heads to The Sci-Fi Channel in June for its sixth and final season. If you never got to play another Goa'uld (heaven forbid), how will you describe the experience to 10,000 screaming fans at a Stargate convention 20 years from now?

Always for love, never for money.

Thanks for your time, Bill. Please do let us know if Conrad gets another casting call!

Bill Marchant is the Head Instructor of Acting and Writing for Film & Television at Vancouver Film School, and has been a professional actor, director, writer and musician for more than 20 years. Also check out our first interview with Bill!

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