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Blood and Tears
Casual viewers of Stargate Atlantis may see Ronon Dex as "the muscle," who says little and is always ready for a fight. While that much is true, fans who have come to know the character over the years know that he also has lots of heart.

This spring GateWorld's editors paid a visit to actor Jason Momoa, always kicking back in between takes on the set of Stargate Atlantis with his guitar. We caught up on his physical battles, and learned that the pre-season cutting off of his heavy dreadlocks was only the beginning of his trials. Jason talks about shooting the upcoming season, most notably the Ronon-heavy episode "Broken Ties." Finally, he tells us how he feels about Ronon's new romantic possibility.

Season Five of Stargate Atlantis premieres Friday, July 11 on SCI FI Channel in the U.S.

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GateWorld: It's good to see you again!

Jason Momoa: Yeah! You guys stoked to be up here?

GW: It's really cool. It's once a year, we come up here. And have a blast. How about you? Tell us a little bit about what you did on hiatus.

JM:: Surfed. Surfed with Joe [Flanigan]. We went to Hawaii, a little boys trip to Hawaii. We went to Maui for a week to go surfing. What else did I do? Raised my family. Worked. Weed-eating.

GW: How's the new ...?

JM: Family life is good. She's good. Spent time with my family, went to Hawaii for a month. Rachel [Luttrell] surprised me. She was over there.

GW: Really?

JM: Yeah ... I heard someone calling out my name and I was like, "Oh, s***. It was a girl's voice. I was like, "Oh, man. What did I do?" So I look over and no one's there. I'm like, "Alright ..." So I keep walking and I hear "Jason! Jason!" I look up and there's Rachel in Hawaii. We didn't plan it out, but it was nice that we hung out there. [Our] babies swimming in the ocean together. It was nice. Otherwise, that's it. It's good to be back, though. It's nice to come back. It's a little unfortunate I don't have hair now.

Momoa recently returned to his old stomping grounds in Hawaii.
GW: Yeah! Tell us about that. You said they had to sew them in?

JM: Sew them in. It took nine hours. A little over nine hours. Painful. I had it sewn in for like four days.

GW: Sewn in by the scalp?

JM: Yeah. I grew my hair out when I cut them out ... and they braid it. And then they sewed my old dreads back in. And it looked great. It just took a long time. And it was just ... to go from no hair to that much weight. They're about five pounds.

GW: Was that painful to walk around with?

JM: Oh, yeah. Just super painful. I started getting sores on my head. It's just pulling all of the hairs out of your scalp. So it's just super sensitive. You can't lay in it, you can't fall asleep. Cause every way you lay, it's just ... And I thought I could take it. Because of how many years I've had it. I'm like, "Oh, I can handle three episodes!" I couldn't handle the first day of work.

GW: So you can't shoot with them and then take them off at the end of the day?

JM: Well, the first episode ... I went into John Smith[s office] and I was like, "I can't do this. You're going to have to figure out another way." And he was super cool about it. Everyone was awesome. I was literally, if it came down to getting dismissed, I was like -- physically, I can't [do this].

It was weird because normally you can deal with a certain uncomfortable-ness. I've never really had that thing. But it's kind of like somebody tattooing you non-stop. There's an annoying pain that just grows and grows and grows. And it was just brutal. So they were really cool about it.

They were like, "We'll cut it off if you can make it through the rest of the day." And we put my stunt wig on. Glen Ennis, my stunt double, whenever he does something, we have this wig. It's not a very good wig, because you're not supposed to see his face anyways. It's basically just supposed to be some hair coming off of him.

Jason's heavy dreadlocks have made fight scenes more complicated.
We left the front eight dreads, so it looked kind of stupid, but there were eight dreads in the front that were lighter...and then all my hair was spiky. So that was ridiculous. I did that for two episodes. I was walking around the floor with a lot of hats. These lighter dreads were in the front so they weren't as bad, and then we'd push the wig up to that, and then pull the hair over.

I think the whole episode -- of the first and second [episodes] -- is basically stunt wig. Except for maybe a day of real hair. And then we cut them out for the second episode. And then we had a master wig made. So the beginning of "Broken Ties" is all this wig.

GW: That's what you're wearing now?

JM: Looks real, huh?

GW: Yeah, it does. I didn't notice.

JM: It's great.

GW: Is that your hair?

JM: There is some of my hair in there, but it's sewn in to make it look more like my hair. Because when it came to us, it was really clean and kind of dark. By the end of the season, it'll be perfect. Because its got to get dirty and used.
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