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Brain Child
For almost eight years actor David Hewlett has had Rodney McKay's technobabble-intense, egocentric dialogue running through his brain. As production continues on Season Five of Stargate Atlantis, he has much more on his mind nowadays: a television series in development, a movie script, a wife and son and yes -- Stargate!

In this interview, David hints at what is to come in Season Five before remembering some highlights from last year -- some good, and some not so good. He also talks about fatherhood, working with new full-time cast members Robert Picardo ("Richard Woolsey") and Jewel Staite ("Jennifer Keller"), and where things are at with Star-crossed -- a new comedy series he is writing for SCI FI Channel.

GateWorld's interview with David runs approximately 28 minutes. Listen online at your leisure, download it to your MP3 player, or subscribe to the iTunes podcast. The full interview is also transcribed below!

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GateWorld: For I'm David Read, here with Mr. David Hewlett!

David Hewlett: Indeed, the Davids.

GW: Yes, all the Davids are present ...

DH: Yes.

GW: ... in his "fresh" trailer here.

DH: [Laughter] It's the new Havana Cuban cigar smell, apparently. It's actually a Cuban cigar candle that Jane gave me. Cause apparently it's the manliest scent she could find.

GW: How's she doing? How's the baby doing?

Hewlett with wife Jane Loughman and their son, Sebastian Flynn. Image courtesy
DH: She's great. Jane, I think, is some kind of an android who has been sent from the future to make my life perfect. Because I don't know how she deals with the kid, myself, and running a house and doing taxes and all that sort of thing. She's unbelievable. Inhuman, in fact, I would say. She's my own little "Fran." A "Fran" with attitude. It's great.

GW: And now you're a father.

DH: Mmm-hmm. I've started to spawn! I've found that it's much cheaper to just have children than to try to recruit crews for things.

So basically, I've just decided to breed myself an army and take over the world from there. A little army of McKay-like creatures.

GW: Or at least a film crew.

DH: Exactly. At the very least. At the very least a film crew. Non-union. They'd be cheap. They'd work for milk ... which Jane produces.

GW: [Laughter]

DH: So, basically, we're a self-sufficient little society.

GW: What episode are you currently working on?

DH: We're currently working on "Ghost In The Machine." A lovely Police song, and now a fantastic episode of Atlantis.

GW: And you're bringing Fran back!

DH: We're bringing Fran back. Yeah! We're bringing a few things back ... which I'm sure I probably shouldn't say anything about. It definitely threw a number of curves at us.

It was fun to read because, you know, I like those episodes where you go, "What?! Oh my God!" And then you're eager to go to the next page. As opposed to the ones where you don't.

GW: Any stories coming up that are Rodney-heavy that you were surprised at, or looking forward to?

DH: My favorite script of all time, I just read: "The Shrine of Talus" -- Which is Brad Wright. (Ed: Since this interview, the episode has been renamed simply "The Shrine.") He's just written this script. And it's good to have Brad.

It is truly ... it's the script. It's the one that is going to blow everyone away. It's unbelievable. It's like a wicked acting piece. Whether I'm supposed to say this or not, Kate [Hewlett, "Jeannie Miller"] is coming back. We've got "Jeannie" back. And it's ... just brutal. It's like total tear-jerker. It's gonna be neat.

Brother and sister will team up once more in "Miller's Crossing.".
And for McKay, it's fantastic because there's this whole deterioration thing happening. And it's just ... it is the one, without a doubt, that I'm most looking forward to right now. Andy [Mikita] is going to direct it, too. So he's very excited about it, as well.

GW: What are some of your favorite scenes from last year, ones that resonate with you now?

DH: Last year? My god! I'm trying to think which episodes jumped out at me. "The Last Man" was just an interesting one, for many reasons. Just because there was so much going on, including the birth of my child. I mean, we were literally waiting for Jane to have the kid during that episode.

And it was like four hours of prosthetics. And talking, just this endless stuff to talk about. And I was kind of worried, because when I read the script I was like, "That's a lot of talk." It's a lot of flashback stuff. But I saw the episode and I really, really liked it. There's poignancy to it that I really didn't expect there to be. It was a lot of fun. A lot of fun.

GW: Your performance was really solid in it.

DH: Well, thank you. Actually, the funny one was that someone said, "What did they think of the prosthetics on the face? And did they give you a thing for your belly?" And I was like, "No. I just stuck my belly out ..." Bause I consciously stuck my belly out the whole time. I took the ... what's it called?

GW: The fat suit?

DH: No, not the fat suit. The opposite ... the girdle! That's it! I undid the girdle and I did "The Last Man." I did "The Last Man" as girdle-less McKay. And it was a lot of fun.

It was fun watching Kavan [Smith] as well. "Lorne" older, as well -- who looks exactly like Ronald Reagan. That's what Ronald Reagan looked like when he was older. I don't know what I'd look like when I was older.
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