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Joseph Mallozzi (3) JOSEPH MALLOZZI (3)
GateWorld talks with Joseph Mallozzi
Writer / producer Joseph Mallozzi joined Stargate SG-1 fans for an exclusive live chat event at GateWorld Forum on Saturday, December 7, 2002! Here's a complete transcript of the event's questions and answers.

(Beware: the transcript includes some spoilers for episodes that have aired, and some minor spoilers for the second half of Season Six and early Season Seven.)

J_MALLOZZI: Hello again. Hope everyone is well.

ELLORY: Are there any storylines from Season 6 that you would like to explore more now that you are working on Season 7?
J_MALLOZZI: I like the character of McKay and would definitely like to bring him back. Ditto on Felger. I'd like to continue to explore the infighting amongst the System Lords and definitely see more of Baal as he's a perfectly devilish villain. The new improved Replicators are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with the next time we see 'em. More Maybourne as well.

GATE911: Joe. Hi again. What does the Ninth Chevron do? will we be finding out? and if Anubis is a new character...why is he concealed?? Keep up the good work!
J_MALLOZZI: I'll have to defer the technical gate questions to Brad. He has an answer for everything. Sometimes, I don't even ask. You'll find out the reasons for Anubis's concealment in "Full Circle."

XANKAISEN: Greetings From Spain! How will you deal with the disclosure of the Stargate knowledge? I mean, will you try to make an effort in providing realism to the events, or will you just rely on stereotypes?
J_MALLOZZI: Check out "Disclosure" for the answer to that one.

JENNYLOUISE1: You said recently that Daniel and Jonas make regular contributions to the team. Why therefore not leave Jonas doing what is already is doing and let Daniel do something else?
J_MALLOZZI: When all is said and done, it came down to the decision to let Michael Shanks finish what he had started and close out the show with the original team.

SASSENAC1: What I'm most wondering is if they'll wrap up all the storylines at the end of Season 7, or will they leave it open for the possibility of a movie?
J_MALLOZZI: The plan is to go from a seventh season to a movie and then into the spin-off. That's the plan anyway.

Tanya: Do you use a science advisor? If so, what is his/her specialty? Does the science adviser play much of a roll in scriptwriting by altering a path you had planned on going, but wasn't scientifically viable?
J_MALLOZZI: Unlike Star Trek, we don't have a science advisor on staff. Brad Wright is our science advisor (although, to be fair, Paul is fairly knowledgeable as well).

ZOMBIEZOID: With Season 6's finale being speculated as the best, what ideas do you have for topping it in Season 7?
J_MALLOZZI: We're still in the early planning stages but a number of the Season 7 storylines will follow up on stories from Season 6. "The Changeling" is a good example. "Full Circle" is another. We'll also be wrapping up other storylines. Plenty of surprises in the works.

KSMATTHEWS: Hi Joe! Will we see the ramifications of O'Neill's decision to 'trick' Fifth at the end of the last episode sometime in Season 7?
MGUK82: Are the ANY plans to bring back the Replicator crew introduced in "Unnatural Selection" and are "Metamorphosis" and "Sight Unseen" linked in any way?
J_MALLOZZI: We will see the ramifications of "Unnatural Selection" -- when, exactly, is still to be decided.
J_MALLOZZI: "Metamorphosis" and "Sight Unseen" are two different episodes.

SASSENAC1: What I'm most wondering is if they'll wrap up all the storylines at the end of Season 7, or will they leave it open for the possibility of a movie?
J_MALLOZZI: Yes, plans are in place for a movie following the show's seventh season.

SELDEAR: Hey Joe, just inquiring about Sam and command. With RDA off in Season 7, will there be more "Sam command" episodes like "Nightwalkers?"
J_MALLOZZI: There will definitely be opportunities for Sam to step up and assume command in Season 7.
SELDEAR: And a friend wants to see Sam handcuff Daniel to a chair and slug him ... any chance of that? ;-)
J_MALLOZZI: Oooh, I don't know. Kind of early to tell. Maybe.

KAIDS: You're obviously doing very well being involved in Stargate. Do you have any advice for young aspiring scriptwriters?
J_MALLOZZI: I've always felt that the best way to get into writing for television is by getting in through animation. Animation studios are more open to first time writers and the time spent writing animation will help you hone your writing skills (and pay the bills). Make connections and eventually make the cross-over.

KAMI_SG: Hey Joe, greetings from Barcelona. My question is if we will see Teryl's name in the credits at Season 7? And also will Colin's (Major Davis) character appear again at Season 7?
J_MALLOZZI: There are no specific Fraiser or Davis stories planned. That said, Fraiser is a presence on the base and there's no reason why we shouldn't see her in Season 7.

MERLINDA: With Master Bra'tac's symbiote coming into maturity this year, are we going to be losing him this season (6)? Or are there plans to extend his role?
J_MALLOZZI: Check out "The Changeling" for the answer to that one. Major, MAJOR, repercussions there for not only Teal'c and Bra'tac, but the Jaffa as a whole.

Cute_and_Wicked_-_th: Joe, in "Full Circle" you had to close a lot of storylines for it to be the show's final episode but you also had to keep the door open for a possible Season 7. How did you handle that? Did you shoot scenes for both possibilities and then edit accordingly?
J_MALLOZZI: Nope. "Full Circle" was written with the intention of, if need be, having it close out the series run. However, there were and are still plans in the works for a movie. So even though the episode would have closed out the series, it wasn't "the end."

TAURY_: Why Anubis have been played by several actors and actresses? Is 'it' male or female?
TAURY_: It will be included Corin Nemec on the movie?
J_MALLOZZI: You'll find out more about Anubis in "Full Circle." I'm not sure what Brad has planned for the movie (as its a year away now and he's working on a rewrite).

PETRANEK_2_2: Even though Brad Wright has left do you still talk and keep in touch?
J_MALLOZZI: Brad Wright sat in with us when we were discussing possible storylines for the show's seventh season -- and he will be writing scripts as well.

SELKIE5: I read in the interview on GateWorld that half of Season 7 is plotted. Could you tell us how many, if any, have Jonas in them?
J_MALLOZZI: Plotted is a little optimistic. We have story ideas (springboards) for half the season. In terms of who will be involved, specifically, can't say. I do know that we broke the first two episodes of the season in the room and Jonas is in both.

MGM07: Hi, I'm from Mexico and I wanna know if you're gonna continue talking about ancient Mexican cultures?
J_MALLOZZI: Yes, there is a possibility that we may be exploring Mayan mythology in the show's seventh season.

Dana_Jeanne: When Jacob is offered a symbiote to cure his cancer, he's told that this isn't a fast cure-all, that the blending of symbiote and host is intense, leaving the host could cause severe harm to both host and symbiote. This is also stated by Jolinar, explaining the risk she will undertake when she offers to leave Sam. However, in "Frozen," when the Tok'ra offer a symbiote to O'Neill to cure him, the Tok’ra make it sound like it's no big deal to pop the snake in, cure him and pop it out again. Why the difference?
J_MALLOZZI: In "Frozen," Jack didn't have a choice. It was either be implanted or die. The fact is, it isn't an easy process -- either the implantation or, in particular, the removal. The type of symbiote involved has a lot to do with it. For instance, the reason humans are killed when the symbiote is removed is because the dying symbiote releases a deadly toxin. In the case of Jolinar and Jack's experience, however, this isn't the case. That's because the symbiote can make the conscience decision to kill its host and release the toxin.

Her_Pinkness: Joe, on behalf of Feli, she wanted to know how you dealt with having wrapped up.
J_MALLOZZI: What do you mean by wrapped up?
Her_Pinkness: Sorry, when you finished Season 6 it wasn't clear if there would be a Season 7. So how difficult was it to re-start after what seemed like the end of the show
J_MALLOZZI: Paul and I were pretty much convinced that was it. I had written a pilot script and a feature and we were heading down to L.A. to start looking for work.
J_MALLOZZI: Yes, it was difficult to restart -- but we had no choice. We need scripts ASAP.

DRDANIELJACK: I wanted to know what form Daniel comes back as is it flesh and blood? Also I've heard MS has wrote a script for S7 can you tell us more?
J_MALLOZZI: Daniel will be coming back in the flesh. And Michael has not written a script, however he is slotted to write one for the show's seventh season.

BEKTREK: Are you planning to let Jack talk about his experience of blending with Kanan in the rest of this season of in Season 7? I was just wondering cause it was kinda just put aside, where as I thought Carter would have talked to him about it.
J_MALLOZZI: That is definitely a subject that Carter can and should talk to him about -- but the events of "Abyss" didn't really allow it. Presumably, it would have happened off-screen but then again, if the circumstances arise (i.e. the right story) that is definitely something that should be explored.

TAURY_: hi Joe ;) We will see an episode from the point of view of a sg-1 member? I mean like "Being John Malkovich."
J_MALLOZZI: We will see the workings of the SGC from a different pov in Season 7. Can't say who yet, though.

SAM_O_NEILL: Hi Joe! :-) Would you like to see Sam and jack together at the end of the series, and do you think it will be a possibility?
J_MALLOZZI: I would definitely like to see them together when all is said and done -- but it will be impossible until one or both of them leave the military.

COOLMACDUDE: Okay my question is do you think most of the stories in Season 7 will be continuations (resolutions) of past ones designed to close up the series, or will there be a lot of new stuff introduced to set up movie, other series, etc.?
J_MALLOZZI: We'll have a variety of storylines -- tying up loose threads and opening up new ones.

SAILORSUEUK: If you could chose just one member of SG-1 to step through the gate with you, which one would it be, and why?
J_MALLOZZI: Teal'c. In terms of personalities, I think he's who I would get along with best. Plus, he could recommend some good restaurants if we happen to be traveling to Chulak.

HOODATW: Thank you, Joe, for your time! Jack fans have long wondered if he is really Hammond's second-in-command. Any chance we'll get an "official" answer in Season 7?
J_MALLOZZI: No official answer, although if Hammond were to retire, there's a strong possibility that Jack could take over command of the base.

SKAZZIT: Do you have any stories in the works for the following people for Season Seven: Daniel Jackson grandfather, Nyan, the Goa'uld bounty hunter, the Nox, the Tollan? Also, how many off-world episodes do you have in the works out of your "springboards?"
J_MALLOZZI: No, nope, no, no, and no. Sorry. Off-world also entails worlds we may have already visited but excludes new cultures we may explore without actually visiting the alien planets (but includes stories that may involve both Earth and off-world action): 10 out of 13 so far.

Dax: First off, Thanks for being here. Now, do you writer's plot the stories' scientific elements before writing the scripts, or think of a good plot and, THEN do scientific reasoning?
J_MALLOZZI: Depends who is writing the story. Brad had always wanted to do a "Jack and Teal'c get trapped in a glider and lost in space" episode. He had the scientific background worked out in his head. In the case of an episode like "Prodigy," on the other hand, Paul and I were bleary-eyed researching the science behind that one.

GATE911: Hi again ... my question, basically are we EVER gonna get to see Carter using a ribbon device? Apart from "Seth." I wanna see her slowly kill Nurrti with it. Oh and please ask brad about that ninth chevron thing ... maybe get it in a episode for us all...;)
J_MALLOZZI: No plans for Carter to use a ribbon device but, like I said, we haven't worked out the details of most of the stories.

GIPSY6: Hi Joe, this question is from me. Could you please say Happy Birthday to GW Moderator MajorClanger who's 29 (sic) today?
J_MALLOZZI: Happy birthday, MajorClanger!

The_One_In_Gray: Hi, Joe. I was wondering about how the writers themselves see SG-1: Do you guys focus more on the events that happen, or do you guys focus on characters more, with events just being situations for the viewers to see different side of the characters?
J_MALLOZZI: There has to be a character through-line for the story to work. We can come up with a cool idea but we have to ask "What makes it important to our characters?" If we can answer that question, we green light the story.

AJAYJONES: Hi Joe -- do you have any new info (characters, title etc.) on the spin-off, will we see any of SG-1 in it?
J_MALLOZZI: The spin-off will be another show. That said, some familiar characters will be making some guest appearances and -- who knows, there's a possibility that a familiar face or two will be a fixture.

SUEB45: Any plans to explore the friendship between Jack and Daniel in Season 7?
J_MALLOZZI: Yes, of course. There are no specific plans to set aside a particular episode as a "Jack/Daniel friendship episode," but their friendship will play a part in the goings-on.

THE SHOLVAH: Are the rumours of Jonas being in only six episodes in the new season true? Will there be another episode dealing with Kelowna?
J_MALLOZZI: Yes, we will be revisiting Kelowna in Season 7 and, no, there is no truth to the rumors that he is scheduled to appear in six episodes.

FOX_RAVEN: Is there any plan for Amanda Tapping to write an episode in Season 7? She said in past interviews that she would have liked to.
J_MALLOZZI: I think Amanda will be focusing on her directing assignment in Season 7. No plans for her to write.

YAMADARA: Hi Joe. Has it been determined how the title credits for Season 7 will appear? Like who will be in them and in what order? Maybe they'll all just rotate every week?
J_MALLOZZI: I have no idea about the title credits.

KAREN_S_C: Will Jonas be in the spin-off?
J_MALLOZZI: The spin-off is a long way off. It's possible.

ICKLESCULLY: Hi Joe, thanks so much!!! Any chance of seeing Jacob or an AU [alternate universe] Kawalski back in Season 7, because they're great! What's your favorite episode? And any chance of any Daniel and Janet shippiness? That's me off to bed, thank you!!!
J_MALLOZZI: Yes, chances of seeing Jacob are excellent. AU Kawalski? Not so good. Daniel and Janet ship? Not so good either.

MOOSTAFA1_2: Is there any truth to the rumour about the X-303 being completed and a colonel and major traveling the galaxy in it?
J_MALLOZZI: Well, the X-303 will be featured in another episode before season's end -- but the show won't turn into Star Trek.

SERGEANTMICK: Hi Joe! Will you be restricted in terms of storylines during Season 7 with what you can introduce about the Ancients and the future (or past) of the Goa'uld, particularly considering what Brad Wright has planned for the movie and the spin-off?
J_MALLOZZI: No, no restrictions. "Full Circle" will answer a lot of questions -- and open the door for plenty more that we'll be trying to answer in Season 7 (i.e. the opening two-parter).

RURALSTAR: Hi Jo. I was wondering about a couple of alien races. The Re'tu and specifically Re'tu Charlie and also about the Tollan. Are they all dead for sure?
J_MALLOZZI: Not necessarily. There are just no plans in place to bring them back as of yet.

COLONELJACK_2: Hi, Joe! By the end of Season 7, will we see any "command level" changes to the SG-1 team?
J_MALLOZZI: It's possible. No definite decision on that yet.

PETRANEK_2_2_2: I've noticed that Stargate is almost never promoted is commercials or other ways (from what I see, anyway). Even though it is popular. What is your take on this?
J_MALLOZZI: Actually, I think Sci-Fi does a great job of promoting us.

MORLAN: Someone goes through the wrong side of the Stargate? I always wondered. Earth dials whatever. Instead of climbing the ramp, SG-1 goes around the Stargate and jump inside from behind it. What then?
J_MALLOZZI: We've gone back and forth on this. One theory is that they jump through, into the wormhole, and are essentially thrown back out.

SELDEAR: According to the transcript of the OS chat of several hours ago, you answered a question regarding the 'watermark' episodes for four members of SG-1 but, whether through consideration of the 'delicate sensibilities' of the audience or because Jonas is a more recent character, you didn't give a response for a 'watermark' episode for Jonas? Do you have one?
J_MALLOZZI: I think "Shadow Play." We see a different side of Jonas -- his relationship with his past and his relationship with what could be his future.

ZOMBIEZOID: I ask this assuming you have a rough idea of how you want to end the series and/or movie. Will Season 7 or the movie eventually see the destruction of the SGC base (not the gate itself), so to make it the ultimate finale to the series and literally go out with a bang?
J_MALLOZZI: It's possible ... but I can't speak for Brad. He's working on the feature as we chat.

GateAngel: Hey Joe, congrats on the new pug baby. Is there an episode of SG-1 you have written that was based on a current world event?
J_MALLOZZI: No. We're not looking to be topical. We don't look to current events for storylines but we may, if we happen to be leafing through the latest issue of New Scientist and note an interesting article, maybe use that as a springboard to a story.

COLONELT: Will we be finding out anything about Jack's background, like if he has any family or not? In comparison to the others we know very little about his background.
J_MALLOZZI: We may find out a little more about Jack's background in an early season episode Peter D. is writing.

SYOKHAN: Hi Joe :) Are we going to discover new System Lords in Seasons 6 / 7, or will we only see the ones we already know, and focus solely on them (i.e. the infighting between them, etc.)?
J_MALLOZZI: We will introduce new System Lords and lesser Goa'uld as well -- and focus on our established villains as well.

TUCKERSINN: Hullo Joe! Any chance you guys doing a new Lt. Tyler story? I think his race is very interesting, wouldn't mind seeing Kegan again either.
J_MALLOZZI: Yes, I liked them both -- but there are no plans to revisit them as of yet.

MEPHISTO1959: Hi, Joe -- thank you for your time and trouble. My question is, who's your favorite villain? Do you have one that you'll never kill off because they're just too much fun to write?
J_MALLOZZI: I like Osiris a lot. I like Yu a lot. I also like Baal. I was a big Heru'ur fan. As for not killing them off -- no one is safe.

BLACKHOLE35: Hi Joe! Will the Stargate ever become public knowledge in Season 7, the movie, or the spin-off?
J_MALLOZZI: A step is taken in that direction in the Season 6 episode "Disclosure."

KITTY_STAR12: Hi Joe! Will Sam and Jack finally go fishing together?
J_MALLOZZI: It's possible. No one has actually suggested a story where "Jack and Sam go fishing," however, I think it would be fun.

GIPSY6: As you and Paul write as a team, do you also have to share one writer's salary :-) And if you don't want to answer that, then would you ever write on your own?
J_MALLOZZI: Paul and I are considered one writer / producer. We write faster than an individual writer, but split our fees.

HOODATW: Season Six so far has seen a much more relaxed (for him at least) Teal'c. Will we continue to see Teal'c's character develop as the series continues? Particularly, will we have the opportunity to see him interact with his son more often?
J_MALLOZZI: Yes on all counts -- check out Season 6's "The Changeling" in addition to an early, as yet untitled, Season 7 episode for more on Teal'c (and his relationship with Rya'c).

Darren: Is there something in particular about writing science fiction that you find appealing, or are you anxious to dabble in other genres?
J_MALLOZZI: I really enjoy sci-fi, but I think our next show will probably be in a different genre. We enjoy comedy, particularly dark humor.

K_MOS: Hi Joe, ship wise Season 6 has been better than 5 but are the feelings gone or just repressed? I mean, you wouldn't die for just anyone, would you? ;)
J_MALLOZZI: No, the feelings are still there. It's just that circumstances will not allow them to pursue them.

VOLLERTON: Sam is my fave character. I think she's really cool and inspirational but she always has to act tough to fit in with the boys, like she has more to prove. To be accepted she has to sacrifice her feminine side. I was wondering if there were going to be any stories which show her development as a woman and not just as an SGC soldier / scientist?
J_MALLOZZI: Yes. A story in the show's seventh season will focus on Carter's feminine side -- in addition to that black widow curse of hers.

V4CATS: For the episode "The Other Guys" -- which I loved, by the way -- there has been speculation that the entire thing was a fantasy by Felger. Was it or was just the end bit (the awards ceremony)? I've gotta say, I really enjoyed all the "Star Trek" references, especially the appearance of John Billingsley. And will you do more humorous episodes?
J_MALLOZZI: It was never intended to be all in Felger's head. Just the ceremony. However, watching the finished episode we realized, "Uh oh. People are going to think it was all a daydream." And I've read some pretty convincing arguments for why it should be a daydream.
J_MALLOZZI: Yes, another humorous episode is in the works.

BATERISTA9: Hi, Joe! Will the budget increase allow you to do U.S. location shoots?
J_MALLOZZI: Budget increase? No plans to shoot anywhere but locally.

MOOSTAFA1_2: How exactly will Carter's black widow curse be addressed? (Do I feel a shippy episode coming?)
J_MALLOZZI: No, no ship. Can't reveal the details on that one yet.

FOX_RAVEN: Just to settle something that is coming up between friends. There is nothing at all between Jack and Janet is there? They are so just friends right?
J_MALLOZZI: Nothing between Jack and Janet. That I know of.

SELDEAR: Subsequent to the announcement of MS's decision to leave, a spate of hate-mail came in from Daniel fans regarding their dislike of the 'side-lining' of their favorite character.
SELDEAR: I was wondering, have you received any expressions of hatred, dislike, revulsion or abuse on the announcement that Jonas will be taking a back seat to Daniel in Season 7?
J_MALLOZZI: No, no abuse -- but posts from a lot of unhappy Jonas fans.

THE_SHOLVAH: Hey Joe, can you give us something new on Anubis, please. ;)
J_MALLOZZI: Check out "Full Circle." All will be revealed. Or almost all, anyway.

SHELSFC: That DVD from the "Attention All Fans" thread -- is it going to be brought out?
J_MALLOZZI: It's still in the works. Hopefully, it will be included as an extra in a future DVD release.

PETRANEK_2_2_2: Have you read any of the fan fiction and if so have any of Stargate's writers gotten inspiration from fan fiction Web sites?
J_MALLOZZI: Nope. Nothing against fan fiction -- it's just that, legally, we're not allowed to read it.

SCHR0DINGER: Hi from Scotland, Joe! Can you tell us how the NID storyline will develop in Season 7 following the loss of Col. Simmons? 8o)
J_MALLOZZI: Look to the second half of Season 6 for a conclusion to the NID storyline.

MAJORROBBINS: Is there a chance that Colin Cunningham will be returning for Season 7 to reprise his roll as Major Davis?
J_MALLOZZI: Can't say. We've discussed stories involving certain potential guest starts (i.e. Osiris), but Davis hasn't been mentioned yet.

BATERISTA9: Along the same lines, any chance of JR Bourne returning, perhaps as a new character?
J_MALLOZZI: No. If JR is / was Martouf and, unfortunately, the events of "Summit" / "Last Stand" pretty much ensure the character won't be returning.

ZOMBIEZOID: We (the SGC) have very little knowledge of the gate, compared to the amount there is to know and how much their could be. The only true source of detailed Stargate functions that perhaps the Goa'uld (even Anubis) don't even know about, would be the Ancients. What are your plans for future dealings with the Ancients or as of yet unseen gate characteristics and functions?
J_MALLOZZI: We'll learn more in "Full Circle" and throughout Season 7 as we head toward the movie.

GIPSY6: Joe, I've been enjoying chatting to you since you first came online, and thank you for doing so. May I ask why you decided to retire from participating in the online fandom, and whether this is a permanent move or a temporary one. Could we entice you back next year at all?
J_MALLOZZI: There are a number of reasons, but chiefest among them is the fact that I really need to concentrate on the show -- now more than ever considering we have a lot of work ahead of us as we get ready for a seventh season.

EKEN95: I understand that when you write an episode you look at storyline, characterization, but do you ever wonder how it might be perceived by certain grouping within fandom (e.g. -- shippers, Jack/Daniel fans)?
J_MALLOZZI: No offense, but not really. Ultimately, no matter what we do -- some people will love it and others will hate it.

BRANDONCHALL: Hi, thanks -- first of all, is there a chance that the seventh season / movie / spin-off will see the return of the four race alliance to power?
J_MALLOZZI: There is that possibility but I think it's doubtful. One of the problems we've come up against is the fact that we have such powerful allies. Realistically, why feel threatened when you have buddies that can watch your back 24-7? We've taken steps to make things a little less comfortable for, not only the Tau'ri, but their allies as well.

KITTY_STAR12: Do you know the size in meters of the X-303 in the episode "Prometheus?"
J_MALLOZZI: Not off the top of my head. I have the schematics in my office. If I had to guess though, I'd say pretty big.

COLONELT: Will we be finding out anything about Jack's background, like if he has any family or not? In comparison to the others we know very little about his background.
J_MALLOZZI: I think I answered that question a little earlier. We may find out more in an early Season 7 episode being written by Peter D.

DEBBIE L G: Now that Kurt Russell has temporarily moved to Vancouver, is there any chance of a cameo? (Note: They are in Vancouver to be with their son while he tends goal for the Richmond Sockeyes Jr. B hockey team.)
J_MALLOZZI: I think Kurt is a pretty busy guy. We'd love to have him on the show if he's available. We'll see.

NIALLGD: Hi Joe, what do you think of Jonas and do you think he will or do you want him to play a prominent role in Season 7?
J_MALLOZZI: I like the character (and the actor) a lot. I don't know about a prominent role, but we'll be seeing Jonas in Season 7 (he won't be disappearing).

YAMADARA: Yay on Jonas. Were the ice cream and ship naming bits in "Unnatural Selection" written in or ad-libbed? And do the crew ever crack up when ad-libs do get thrown in?
J_MALLOZZI: They were written. I'm not sure about the crew's reaction. I'm rarely on set.

MOOSTAFA1_2: Do you watch fan opinions closely and have you ever been to
J_MALLOZZI: I think I'm more involved in the fan community than the average producer. I don't think I've ever been to

GIPSY6: Do you have any plans to include gods outside of the mainstream?
J_MALLOZZI: Yes. Look for Mot in "Prophecy" and possible others. Sadly, my Sobek pitch got killed so we won't be seeing him.

Tere: Hi, Joe: So, to recap from what I've heard / read from the chats: No shippiness between Sam / Jack, reduced Jonas, finished w/ NID, no Martouf, no Nox, no Tollan, possibly no Aschen, no shippiness between Sam / Jack -- other than if you're a huge MS fan, what reasons can you give fans to tune into Season 7?
J_MALLOZZI: We're not putting the kibosh on Sam and Jack and their respective feelings for one another (check out "Paradise Lost"). Also, plenty of other stories to come including developments on Kelowna, the battle amongst the System Lords, Earth and off-world based adventures.

J_MALLOZZI: Gnight all.

Joseph Mallozzi is a writer and supervising producer for Stargate SG-1. Along with writing partner Paul Mullie, he has penned such episodes as "Window of Opportunity," "Exodus," "The Tomb" and "Descent."

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