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Joseph Mallozzi (5) JOSEPH MALLOZZI (5)
GateWorld talks with Joseph Mallozzi
Writer / producer Joseph Mallozzi joined Stargate SG-1 fans for an exclusive live chat event at GateWorld Forum on Saturday, March 22, 2003! Here's a complete transcript of the event's questions and answers.

(Beware: the transcript includes some spoilers for episodes that have aired, and plenty of spoilers for Season Seven.)

Kaiphantom: Hey Joe, love all the episodes so far, and know that season 7 will be just as great! In recent eps, the Tok'ra have been hit hard ("Last Stand" and "Cure"), and they seem to be a near-extinct race. Any plans to address this in Season 7 or later? Perhaps having Earth help with cloning technology?

J_Mallozzi: Yes, the ranks of the Tok'ra have been decimitated. Pockets of survivors are still out there operating independently or acting as spies within the ranks of the Goa'uld.

J_Mallozzi: Many have been relocated to the Alpha Site. We will be checking in with them later in season 7.

GIPSY6: To go back to your question about Feli's question -- she would specifically like to know how much of the Elevator scene in Full Circle was scripted and how much if any was ad-libbing?

J_Mallozzi: Most, if not all, was scripted by Rob.

Dana_Jeanne: Hi Joe. "Changeling" was great. Is Chris going to write anything more? Is there anything you can share about Michael's script?

J_Mallozzi: Chris has already written his script. Robert did a polish on it and we are proceeding to casting. The episode is called "Birthright." Michael has been in to spin his story but, so far, we have yet to see an outline. Can't reveal too much on it yet.

J_Mallozzi: However, another idea he pitched out became part of a mid-season two-parter.

Morjana2003: Who thought of the ninja Jaffa for "Full Circle?"

J_Mallozzi: I believe that was either Robert or Brad. They wanted to make Anubis's Jaffa distinct -- a little different from those brawny lunkheads that would follow Apophis around.

cutechipmunk: Hi joe, is there another movie lined up and what are the storylines?

J_Mallozzi: There has always been a movie lined up (Brad and Robert wrote a first draft), but season 7 has pushed it back a year.

DanM72: Hi, Joe. Can a freelance writer pitch a story / screenplay for the show?

J_Mallozzi: At this point, no. With Rob, Brad, Paul, Damian, some of the actors, and myself writing scripts, the slots are full. It's easier to pitch on a show that is just getting off the ground.

MARY DEVEAU: I would love to see how Daniel came to believe that aliens had something to do with the pyramids. I don't believe the movie or the series ever fully explained it. What series of events or evidence lead him to believe enough that he would subject himself to be the laughing stock of his profession? I know Daniel is quite the open-minded person, but what made him think that it was even a possibility? There must have been a pivotal moment (a turning point) where he would have had to decide whether to ignore what he knew and go on or risk everything to explore a rather unpopular theory. Will there be anything like this in a Season 7 episode?

J_Mallozzi: Nothing like that in season 7. His specific turning point is somewhere in the original "Stargate" feature -- or could be addressed in an upcoming episode.

baterista9: (Gilder) In real life, there's a Cheyenne Mtn. Red Cross Station. In the SG-1 universe, which floor would it be on? And is there one at the Alpha Site?

J_Mallozzi: I'm not sure about the Red Cross Station. The art department has the entire SGC mapped out. I'll have to consult with them. Also, I don't believe there is one at the Alpha Site.

Cat_Michelle: Hi Joe! What can you tell us about this season's "odd episode?"

J_Mallozzi: I give quite a bit of detail on it in the third installment of my production diary. It sees the return of Felger from "The Other Guys." He'll be teaming with Carter to solve a problem of cosmic proportions. It's called "Avenger 2.0."

fissie: Will Nicholas Ballard, Tollan or Aschen appear in Season 7, and in which episodes?

J_Mallozzi: Nicholas Ballard's research will be touched upon in the mid-season two-parter. No plans to see either the Tollan or the Aschen.

ICKLESCULLY: Hi Joe, thanks for doing this. :) I wanted to ask if the Sam and Jack attraction will be addressed in season 7? Also are the rumours about Janet's death true, because Teryl is so talented and it would be a huge loss. And thanks for bringing in Corin, he's done a wonderful job. :)

J_Mallozzi: There were plans to address the Sam and Jack attraction in the movie Brad and Robert wrote but that has been pushed back as a result of the seventh season pick-up. As to rumours of Janet's death ... I'll have to offer a no-comment on that one. Finally, its nice to hear you liked Jonas.

ERIKMCCOY: Why have there not been any real, world-wide merchandise for Stargate SG-1 (e.g. -- like tech manuals that are available for Star Trek)?

J_Mallozzi: I have no idea. That's a question for MGM Licensing. I see all of these cool action figures and mugs and books for Andromeda, Farscape, and other shows, but hardly anything for SG-1.

jkean77: Will we be finding out any more about the whole "fifth race" thing in Season Seven and will we find out the fate of the tok'ra in the next season or will we have to wait for the movie?

J_Mallozzi: More on the fifth race thing as we explore the repercussions of season 6's "Full Circle." Also, we will be checking in with the Tok'ra in season 7.

MadeleineW: When Stargate is finished what kind of show would you like to work on next? Would you want to stick with science fiction or branch out?

J_Mallozzi: I'd love to work on a dark comedy. However, Paul and I have been tossing around ideas for another sci-fi series.

Phoenix_11: If you weren't a writer what would you do? Not that you're not a brilliant writer!

J_Mallozzi: I almost became a teacher. But what would I really prefer to do? Maybe a professional gambler.

ColonelJack: Hey Joe! In the "Young Jack" episode will we finally get some background on Jack? His family / general history, etc.? And another Jonas fan here. He rocked!

J_Mallozzi: We won't be getting that much background on Jack's family and general history, but "Fragile Balance" is already a fave among many on the show and people at SciFi and MGM. It's also a very funny episode.

JCal1234: There have been rumors of a Stargate SG-1 video or PC game. Do you have any info on that?

J_Mallozzi: No word on the SG-1 video game.

Ruralstar: Hi Joe, I was just wondering since Brad and Rob have written a tentative script for the movie will this in fact be a theartrical release and, if so, how confident are you that it will find big-screen success?

J_Mallozzi: Given the season 7 pick-up, the script will have to be totally rewritten. It would be nice to get a theatrical release but that's out of my hands.

DESOYZA: Will we be seeing Baal in season 7? He was such a great villain and I'd love to see some resolution between him and Jack.

J_Mallozzi: Yes, more Baal in season 7. Though don't expect a resolution between him and Jack. He may be around for a while.

HoodatW: Will the loss of Teal'c's symbiote and its consequences be addressed in Season 7? As Jack said, "Teal'c without Junior -- what a concept!"

J_Mallozzi: Yes, it will be addressed -- specifically in an episode shooting right now, written by Peter DeLuise, called "Opheus." Also, check out "Birthright" for more on this.

The_Sholvah: Have you anymore information on "Black Widow Carter" as you call it? Will Sarah / Osiris be in it (as suggested in an earlier chat)? And which episode comes first in the timeline, "Heroes" or "Lifeboat?"

J_Mallozzi: "Lifeboat" comes first. "Heroes" will not air until the latter half of the season. As for "BWC" -- its only an idea right now but, yes, we will see the return of Osiris.

The_Infrared_Hologra: Can you give us any info on where Jonas will go and what he'll be doing when he leaves the team?

J_Mallozzi: Can't say much on that except check out the opening two-parter. Jonas's appearances will depend on Corin's availability.

The_Infrared_Hologra: Are there any plans yet for Yu to come back?

J_Mallozzi: Yes, there are plans for Yu to come back -- right off the bat in the opening two-parter.

J_Mallozzi: Fans can look forward to three two-parters this upcoming season.

Happytaz7: Hi Joe. Is it possible to see the return of Martouf? And what about Rosha? Because we really dont know if she has been killed.

J_Mallozzi: No plans to see Martouf return. As for Rosha ... we'll have to wait and see.

chiroho: Hi Joe. It's a great privilege for the fans that you take part in chats like this, so thank you. Now my question. Season 6 seemed to do more to show that the feelings between Carter and O'Neill were still present -- little moments, cameraderie etc. Even though you've said that the relationship was planned to be addressed in the movie, will this continue in S7? And how will the episode, which Amanda Tapping discussed in SciFi Wire and you mentioned in your production diary (which I love, by the way), affect this?

J_Mallozzi: I'm not sure how that particular episode will affect it since it's a fair ways down the line. Suffice it to say there will be no closure to the Jack / Sam situation for some time.

MGM07: Hi, I'm margie from Mexico. Since I'm a shipper and you're not exactly the opposite, this is my question: You know that with some interviews with AT and RDA, other comments around, and after seeing Season 5 and Season 6 (part of it), we the shippers think that this Sam and Jack thing is over, hopeless. What do you think about it? The shippers should give up their hopes, or is there still some hope to see even one little shippy thing between Sam and Jack?

J_Mallozzi: As I said, the movie did have a number of shippy elements -- not just furtive glances or subtle hints, but a full-on kiss.

Ellory1: How did coming back from this hiatus differ from coming back Season 5 or 6? And have the writers caught up and are where they should be, considering the late start in getting started on Season 7?

J_Mallozzi: We were very worried about the late start but, amazingly, we all came in prepared and now we're in the best ship we've ever been. We know, more or less, what all of the stories are going to be. We have maybe two or three slots to fill.

jacks_clone: Joe, thanx for doing this. :) I was wondering if you can give us anymore information about the spin-off series, like when it will start, what it will be about, whether it will be the same writers, that kind of stuff.

J_Mallozzi: No idea about the spin-off. Brad is working on the pilot script and, hopefully, we'll find out about it sooner than later.

8FORCEFIRE8: Hi from Australia. I got up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday to talk to you -- How does Daniel get his memory back after he descends? And yay, a kiss would've been cool -- keep that ... please? Any chances of keeping that Sam / Jack kiss?

J_Mallozzi: The return of Daniel's memory will not happen overnight. I don't want to be too specific. As for that Sam and Jack kiss -- well, we'll have to wait for Brad and Rob to write (or possibly rewrite) the feature.

herus: Will there be any explanation which race created the ships that Replicators used in "Enemies" or "Unnatural Selection?" Or could you tell us here?

J_Mallozzi: Maybe. We are discussing an episode called "Crossfire" that may do just that.

yamadara: Hey Joe. Loved "Prophecy." I heard that Corin got his head shaved for that episode. Was that just a rumor or were there any other funny ways the new guy was welcomed?

J_Mallozzi: Corin always kept his hair pretty short, so it was hard to tell. As for any other funny ways the guy was welcomed? That would be a question for the rest of the cast.

Adelaida9: Hello Joe! Thanks for coming here to chat with us. Can we expect to see some more promotions, a la "Fair Game," this season? And what about Sam's own command?

J_Mallozzi: I don't know about the promotions but, with regard to Sam, we may see her step up this season.

Smiler_Aniko: Hey Joe. Will there be any (and if yes, how many) episodes in which Jack (RDA) won't appear at all?

J_Mallozzi: It's early to tell but there is a strong possiblity that, yes, the team may to do without Jack as they did in "Nightwalkers."

Tanya: Will the search for the Ancient's city play a major, minor, or no part in Season 7?

J_Mallozzi: The search for Atlantis will play a major part in season 7.

ALAN ROSS: Will season seven be the series' last or can we possibly hope for season eight?

J_Mallozzi: Well, season 5 and 6 were supposed to be the show's last. I'm not commenting on that one until we hear something definite either way.

Meriamon: How much will Daniel remember about his experiences when he was ascended?

J_Mallozzi: Again, at the risk of giving too much away, I don't want to be specific about that one.

HokTar: Hi Joe. What about the finale of the series? Will it be an all-wrapped end or an open one because of the film? Thanks and greetings from Spain.

J_Mallozzi: It may well be an open one that will lead into both the film and the spin-off.

bunnie_moi: My question: Would you guys consider having more than one series on at a time (like Voyager and DS9)? I mean, you are a franchise now ... ;->

J_Mallozzi: That would be very difficult to do and would require some very tricky coordination. I won't say "no," but it's unlikely.

seven117: Hi, Joe. (Jonas Rules) I was just wondering: Will we see the return of Malek, Apophis, the Reetou, and will we see Skaara again? Will the situation with the Replicators come to a close?

J_Mallozzi: The situation with the Replicators came to a close ... for now. No plans for Malek or the Reetou and definitely no plans to have Apophis return.

COL_SG-1: How long does it take to film an episode of SG-1?

J_Mallozzi: Each episode takes a week to prep and a week to shoot.

nukechuck5: What's harder -- naming the episodes or writing them? I loved "Full Circle" (clever title)

J_Mallozzi: Coming up with a title can take days. I prefer writing the script.

Anubis_SL_2: Hi Joe. Will we be seeing more on the Nox, and if so, will there be some sort of an alliance with them or the other new advanced races?

J_Mallozzi: No plans to see the Nox -- for now.

Prion6: Hi Joe. What is the most exciting thing you've got planned for SG-1 this season? If you can tell us ...

Prion6: I meant season 7, that is.

J_Mallozzi: We have three big [two-parters] planned. We have major revelations in store for our team, supporting players, and villains. Looking over the scripts and shooting episodes, I can honestly say this will be my fave season of SG-1 by far.

Martja: Hi Joe, my name's Martina Bauerova, I'm from Czech Republic and I'm council member of fan club Stargate Command. I want to ask: Is there a chance to invite you to Prague (con-meeting with Stargate's fans)? Can you give me a way to contact you?

J_Mallozzi: Sure. Paul and I would love to attend cons but the problem is that we're only free October to December. Actually, the problem is no one has ever invited us. If you'd like to contact me, just drop me an e-mail. [Address removed - Ed.]

Darren: We know that the Goa'uld steal pretty much everything they have. Where did their ships come from, then? The Ancients' tech (the Stargate, DHD, bug-zapper, etc.) is crystal-based, as are Goa'uld ships. Could the Ancients have originally build the ships now used by the Goa'uld?

J_Mallozzi: Ah, clever. The answer to that one will play into an upcoming storyline, Darren.

AIMEEWESTON: What did you want to be when you were a kid?

J_Mallozzi: I've always wanted to become a writer. Well, either that or a detective. When I was a kid, however, I imagined I'd be a novelist.

Goddard2003: Hello Joe. Greetings from Madrid, Spain. Will the new season have the same acceptance that season 6 did? Will some new Goa'uld appear? Will we see the Aschen another time?

J_Mallozzi: Yes, more Goa'uld. New and Improved! No Aschen.

Chomp: Is the season finale one of the two-parters, and will Jonas be in it? I'll miss Jonas. :(

J_Mallozzi: The season finale may well be a two-parter. As to who will be in it -- that's still a long way away.

SNYG: I was going to ask about cons ... but instead have you been happy with the international press coverage / interest you've got? It seemed balanced, fair and pretty wide-spread in the last year.

J_Mallozzi: I only read the stuff that gets delivered to the office or, ocassionally, link to online. Some magazines are great and others are essentially glorified fanboy newsletters for their fave show, occasionally paying lip-service to the other annoying sci-fi shows out there.

KAMI_SG: Hi Joe! *Greetings from Barcelona* Wanted to know if we will see more of Major Davis (Colin's character) in season 7. Thanks!

J_Mallozzi: It's possible but, presently, there are no specific plans to have him back.

AnubisSG-1: I would like to know who had the idea to introduce Martin Lloyd in Stargate, he is such a fun person.

J_Mallozzi: Paul and I created the character for "Point of No Return."

Bachelor_of_Iniquity: My questions are actually on behalf of Shadowmaat: 1) Will Jonas be back after the first two episodes?

J_Mallozzi: Jonas may be back, depending on Corin's schedule.

Bachelor_of_Iniquity: 2) And is Corin actually involved in any other projects that would prevent him from being a larger part of Season Seven?

J_Mallozzi: I don't know what Corin is up to at present.

KARLS26: What is it like being on the other side of the fandom? Have you participated in a fandom before as a fan, and if so, what was it and how do the two sides compare?

Kiva31: When you first began with Stargate, did you anticipate how involved you'd become with not only the show, but the online fandom?

J_Mallozzi: I've never really participated in fandom before. Initially, I simply joined the various groups as a means of gauging viewer opinion and doing a little research. Somehow, you all sucked me in.

samjack4ever: Hi Joe ... why was a clip show format chosen for "Disclosure?" Was it how you planned, or just a matter of keeping to the budget?

J_Mallozzi: Season 6 had a number of BIG episodes. In order to pay for those big episodes, we have to produce smaller episodes. Bottle shows are a good example (i.e. shows that take place on our standing sets) and clip shows are another. We simply approached "Disclosure" as we would any other script.

xenapower: Hi from the French fans! Thanks for being here! Will Jack and Sam ever go fishing?

J_Mallozzi: Sam and Jack may well go fishing in season 7.

MEG612: Are there any plans for Agent Barrett to reappear in season 7? (I loved Barrett :))

J_Mallozzi: No plans for Agent Barrett to reappear in season 7. However, we did like the character a lot so it isn't a definite no.

SG-1rules: Hi Joe, nice to finally meet you. I was just wondering if there was anything in particular you do to gain inspiration for writing an episode, and what you do if you end up with writer's block?

J_Mallozzi: That's what a writing partner is for. If I get stuck, I pass it off to Paul. It also helps to discuss whatever obstacle you've come up against with your fellow writers.

Johny_Idler: Hi Joe! Has Nareem (or any other Tollan) survived the events of "Between Two Fires?"

J_Mallozzi: I have a feeling most fo the Tollan, including Narim, are toast. There are no plans to bring them back.

ONERINGFOR8: Looking back over your involvement with the fans, and all that has happened over the last two years, is there anything you would have liked to have done differently?

J_Mallozzi: I don't think so. Admittedly, I've been fairly vocal about my displeasure with certain things, but that's how I felt at the time.

Morjana2003: Why do you think SG-1 hasn't received its fair share of U.S. press coverage? Because it's a cable show?

J_Mallozzi: I don't really know. Clearly, we're not a media darling. Much of the U.S. press ignores us and, here in Canada, the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy's, the Gemini's, disses our actors and writers on a yearly basis.

J_Mallozzi: The U.S. press loves Farscape.

Adele_T: Hi, Joe. Any chance of Daniel / Janet ship this year? (After six years does Janet not deserve to get some?) And IF Janet dies, wot would happen to Cassie?

J_Mallozzi: No plans for Daniel / Janet ship. As for Janet's fate ... no comment for now.

AmaunetLSD: Any plans for Amanda directing or writing an episode in season seven or the spin-off? Thanks and greetings from Spain.

J_Mallozzi: Amanda will be directing an episode in season 7.

DaveX5: Hi Joe, got here late so apologies if this has already been asked. What do you think of the Stargate Infinity cartoon?

J_Mallozzi: Haven't really seen much of it, Dave. We've been so busy writing for season 7.

XankaiSen: Greetings from spain, I've just come in. I don't know if anyone has already asked you this question. Will be see Tollans again? They have always appeared in odd season numbers.

J_Mallozzi: No plans to see the Tollan again.

UglyPig: Hi Joe! Some people seem to think that the proposed spin-off is actually a prequel. Any truth to this? And what do you think of my nick? :)

J_Mallozzi: I was looking forward to your question based on your nick alone. NO truth to the rumour. It will not be a prequel.

J_Mallozzi: 10 more questions, then I have to go take the doggies for a walk.

Bektrek: Hi Joe. I've been thinking of becoming a writer. Any tips?

J_Mallozzi: I always tell new writers to get started in animation. It's easier to break in, allows you to hone your craft, and pays fairly well. Write a spec script of an animated show presently on the air, then send it to the production company with a query letter, asking if you can pitch. That's how I broke in.

Dax_2: Is there any truth to the rumors of Daniel descending nude?

J_Mallozzi: Yup. Nude he is. What you'll finally see in the finished episode is up to Robert since he is producing that particular episode.

DanM72: Hi, Joe. Thanks for all your time and advice. Question: Is there any chance the series will shed light on the evolution of the Goa'uld, and answer questions from the episode "The First Ones" on how and why they evolved from predators to parasites?

J_Mallozzi: No plans to touch on that, Dan, but maybe if we ask Peter DeLuise nicely ...

74p54: Hi from Finland -- the Ancients and "Crystal Skull's" giants seem to be ascended, so are there something else common between them? And do you know yet if we will see SG-1 in the spin-off?

J_Mallozzi: The connection between the Ancients and the "Crystal Skull" giants will have to remain a mystery for now. And, in answer to your last question -- members of SG-1 should make the occasional appearance in the spin-off.

Alli: Hi Joe :-) This came up on the forums last week -- do you think the SG characters make good role models?

J_Mallozzi: I think so. I think our characters are real, well-meaning individuals. They have their faults, but so what? They're good-hearted and that's what counts.

GIPSY6: Can you say much about how you will thread in the repercussions from Daniel's descending and the ways in which this will change his relationships with the other SG-1 members?

J_Mallozzi: I can't really say much on that without getting specific. The first five episodes will be key to Daniel's readjustment.

GIPSY6: Does that mean that the episodes will be Daniel-centric?

J_Mallozzi: Nope. I think most of this season's episode will be team-centric.

SGTok: Will this boyfriend of Sam in this widow episode die? ;)

J_Mallozzi: You'll have to tune in to find out, SGT.

Anitalobita: Have you ever had to change an episode because one of the cast wasnt happy? Thanks and grettings from Venezuela.

J_Mallozzi: Never an episode. Lines and scenes on occasion, but never an episode.

ELLORY1: Is your time about up, Joe? Don't want the puppies missing out on fresh air.

J_Mallozzi: It's about up. Jelly is biting my feet. Kisses and loving snarfles from the dogs.

Darren: Thanks, Joe, for taking time to chat with us today!

J_Mallozzi: G'night everyone!

Joseph Mallozzi is a writer and executive producer for Stargate SG-1. Along with writing partner Paul Mullie, he has penned such episodes as "Window of Opportunity," "Summit," "Prometheus" and "Prophecy."

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