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Joseph Mallozzi (6) JOSEPH MALLOZZI (6)
GateWorld talks with Joseph Mallozzi
Stargate SG-1 writer and co-executive producer Joseph Mallozzi joined fans for a live chat event at GateWorld Forum on Saturday, June 14, 2003 -- the day after the Season Seven premiere! Here's a complete transcript of the event's questions and answers.

(Beware: the transcript includes some spoilers for episodes that have aired, and for what's to come in Season Seven.)

03SemperFi: Where are the relationships in Season Seven going to take the characters -- i.e. Daniel and Sam's friendship?
J_Mallozzi: That's a tough question to answer as it's very difficult to neatly sum up these four complex interrelationships succinctly. With less Jack in Season Seven, the other three characters step to the forefront and have the opportunity to both interact and show off their individual abilities. You will definitely see moments of caring and sharing between all four of our team members over the course of Season Seven.

SheykissJack: Hello Joseph, I really love you and I love Stargate too ... I just want to know if Jack & Sam may have a relation (like lovers) in the next season (8th maybe) or in the film?
J_Mallozzi: The fact that they both serve in the military makes it next to impossible for them to pursue a relationship. That doesn't mean they don’t have feelings for one another or that those feelings could be addressed over the course of Season Seven. Those who enjoyed the subtle snippets of Season Six will definitely enjoy Season Seven. And then there are certain elements they most certainly will not enjoy.

The Prophet: Was there a conscious decision made to make the show darker through Season Five and in Season Six, and if so why that was felt to be the direction that the show should go in.
J_Mallozzi: No, there was no intention to make it darker although certain overriding story arcs may have lent to darker storylines. The rise of Anubis, for example, opened the door for some decidedly grimmer episodes.

The2ndQuest: What is the average episode cost? What about "big" episodes like the season finales? Has the average budget been increased for Season Seven? If so, to what?
J_Mallozzi: I don't know if I want to go into specific costs but to give you a sense --
J_Mallozzi: Stargate is the most expensive show being shot in Canada. Those visual effects don't come cheap. And while budget increases do occur from season to season, it's more a result of the rising cost of making the show: salaries, etc. -- not to mention the rise in the price of the Canadian dollar which will add 10% to our overall costs should we come back to do another season.
The2ndQuest: Can't provide a ballpark figure? i.e. 1.3 mil, etc?
J_Mallozzi: Let's just say higher.

MGM07: Greetings from Mexico (I'm Margie), since RDA is not gonna be "full time" in the show, how are you gonna handle the "absence" of Jack? Are you considering Jack's retirement from SG-1, even the S.G.C.?
J_Mallozzi: MGM -- No plans for Jack to retire from the S.G.C. We've had to come up with some creative story ideas to keep him light.

The_Sholvah: Is Yu going to be in any more Season Seven episodes? If not, will we at least find out what's going to happen to him with his Goa'uld Alzheimer’s? Also, have you put 'Hedgehog' in a script yet? :P
J_Mallozzi: So far, no plans for Yu to make a reappearance in Season Seven -- which is too busy as I really liked the character. It was nice having a villain who wasn't thoroughly through and through evil -- someone more grey than black.
J_Mallozzi: Remind me again about this hedgehog thing.
The_Sholvah: Last chat you said you'd put the word 'Hedgehog' in a Season Seven script; just seeing if you've made any progress? :P

MotherClanger: In hindsight do you think that ascending all the Abydonians was a bit of a cop-out?
J_Mallozzi: I didn't write the episode but, personally, I don't think so. Why would it be considered a cop out?
MajorClanger: because Daniel had to have the whole journey thing, and they just got to ascend, pouf, just like that -- seemed a bit odd to my mother, at least.
J_Mallozzi: Well, I think the whole point was that it displayed the dueling forces at work in that episode: the forces of evil personified by Anubis who essentially wipes out Abydos -- countered by the forces of Oma Desala who, while unable to physically step in, makes her presence known at episode's end.

brandonchall: *IF* Season Eight becomes reality, do you think we will see a sequel to "Wormhole X-Treme?" It is my friend's favorite episode!
J_Mallozzi: I don't know what Season Eight would have in store for fans -- much less us. It's still too early to tell whether we'll be back and if we're back, what show we'll be working on.

Jayne_E: Joe, will Jonas come back permanently at the end of Season Seven? or will this visit just be, a visit? Because I so love Jonas. he and Daniel work really good together as a team.
J_Mallozzi: For the time being, the visit will just be a visit. But, to be honest, at this point we really don't know what the future holds for our cast of characters after this season.

Seven_of_Eight: Joe, will Christopher Judge be writing any episodes for Season Seven?
J_Mallozzi: Yes. CJ has written an episode titled "Birthright" guest starring Jolene Blalock.

enjoyyourmac: I've heard about a DVD with Stargate bloopers. Why hasn't this it been released to the public, so the fans can enjoy these things too? We all know that people make mistakes and ... well, it would be great to see you're all still human!
J_Mallozzi: Actually, we were going to start work on an outtake DVD complete with best lines, key moments, etc. -- but when we got the greenlight for Season Seven, we opted to hold off. The DVD will be an overview of the entire series once it concludes.

lauriewylie: I’m a huge fan of RDA and I would like to ask you if RDA is ready for an another season of Stargate?
J_Mallozzi: I have no idea what Rick will decide. I had no idea last year either and was actually in LA looking for work when I heard word that he had decided to come back. I guess time will tell.

stargateman1_2: Hi Joe! Such an honor to talk with you. Are there plans to make a Stargate game for any consoles? Ubisoft (I think) started to make one, but I haven't seen anything develop past their Web site announcement.
J_Mallozzi: I really don't know what's happening on the games front. Sorry.

Fairygnomes: I want to ask Joe if "Metamorphosis" was written as a shippy episode or if the actors improvised it a bit?
J_Mallozzi: Improvised in "Metamorphosis." Written in "Paradise Lost."

ScaryM1: Why does Daniel have his glasses back? I heard that MS and a few directors didn’t like them. I was hoping that his vision would be improved as a side effect of ascending.
J_Mallozzi: A side effect of ascending? Alas, no -- when he was cast out, he lost all privileges associated with being ascended -- including his 20/20 vision.

JGateway: Hypothetically, how would a Season Eight effect the search for the Ancients Lost City? I mean, Season Seven is about the search for it, but if a greenlight was given before you rounded out the seventh season whilst still in production, would you push back its discovery INTO that eighth season?
J_Mallozzi: Nope. No plans to push anything back this season.

EIGHTOFTENS: Will any characters die who have been with the series from the beginning?
J_Mallozzi: Its possible. I don't want to outright spoil what happens in Season Seven but suffice it to say that fans will be alternately thrilled and devastated. The same goes for the writers.

Smiler_Aniko: Joe, is it possible that if there is a Season Eight there won't be RDA in it and it will rely on MS? (cause that's the intention of a few of us now)
J_Mallozzi: No, I don't see that as a possibility. I think if Rick passes on Season Eight, we would probably look forward to the spin-off. Of course, for the past three years we've been operating under the assumption that we were working on the final season of Stargate SG-1 so I haven't guessed right yet.

LansSG1: Hello Joe, Look in your crystal ball and tell where you think each of these characters will be in five years ... ten years?
J_Mallozzi: I may not have the same crystal balls that the other writers have. I could look in my crystal ball and see where I, personally, would like to see the characters. Teal'c would return to Chulak after leading the Jaffa to freedom and settle down. Daniel would still be involved in the Stargate program, overseeing the research and still going offworld. Sam and Jack would be together -- Sam heading her own off-world team and Jack, retired, spending most of his days fishing and making dinner.

Working: Why do you think it is that romance in sci-fi shows causes so much controversy amongst the fans?
J_Mallozzi: I think one of the reasons is that they've seen how shows have been ruined by having the two leads get together. Letting them have feelings for one another and having them get together are two different things however.

Darren: Great premiere episodes, Joe! Did I hear right that the X-302 is now the F-302? Is that because it's no longer deemed experimental? What about the X-303? (And where did those wicked energy weapons come from?)
J_Mallozzi: Yup. The X-302 is the F-302, but the X-303 is the BC-303 (BC for battle cruiser).

Geddoe1: Once and if Anubis is defeated, it seems the Goa’uld are on the decline. Will a new enemy take their place by the end of the season / movie / Season Eight / new series, and have we met them before? Also, whatever happened to the cool head gear for the Jaffa?
J_Mallozzi: If and when Anubis is defeated, new enemies are just waiting to take their place. One or two you have met, a couple you have yet to meet.
J_Mallozzi: Re: the cool head gear. We haven't used it because, quite frankly, its too unwieldy for the actors. We remember a shot in "Divide and Conquer" where the serpent guards were charging through the brush, stumbling awkwardly in their oversized headgear.

KirstenSG1: Hi Joe! It's been rumoured that the Season Seven episode "Grace" will deal with the Sam/Jack relationship. Any more hints on that, and any other episodes in particular that us Sam/Jack shippers should look out for? You mentioned something about elements that we wouldn't enjoy?
J_Mallozzi: The episode "Grace" will focus on Carter and the choices she has made (and not made) over the course of her life. Her love life is just on of the many issues that will be addressed in this episode. Repercussions from this episode will tee up a following episode -- then will be thrown a curveball late in Season Seven. Can't be too specific.

Ruralstar: Hi Joe, thanks for doing this! I want to know if we will see any more repercussions for Jack concerning Baal. Last night he had to deal with the fact that Baal was heading the Goa'uld fleet. Will be there be some reaction onscreen to their history. Something like the cargo bay scene in Revelations?
J_Mallozzi: No one on one between Jack and Baal -- although Baal will definitely be making his presence felt this season.

Hester Dolgin: Why hasn't Jack been given some other major award like the Congressional Medal of Honor? I mean he has saved the world more than 10 times and been seriously injured doing it.
J_Mallozzi: He has and he certainly deserves more recognition (as do the rest of the team). Again, not to give too much away but this season will see them get the recognition -- though not necessarily the type they would like.

UglyPig: Howdy Joe! The season opener kicked buttocks! Interesting seeing Jonas and Daniel being teamed up for once, was it written that way because of the rare opportunity or just because it happened to fit the story?
J_Mallozzi: It was written because it fit the story. If anyone was to be on that ship, it would be the two of them with their knowledge of the Goa’uld language and mothership schematics. That said, the opportunity to team them was something to which we really looked forward.

Daxie: Are there any news on the overnight ratings for the premiere yet?
J_Mallozzi: Nope. No ratings until early next week. Fingers crossed.

Martina Bittl in Germany: Whose idea was it to put the logo "Anderson Air" on the plane in episode "Sight Unseen" (Season Six, episode 13)? Was there any deeper reason behind it?
J_Mallozzi: That was the director's doing, in this case Peter Woeste.

Kawoosh: Is there any one particular storyline/piece of character development in Season Seven that you're particularly pleased with?
J_Mallozzi: I've seen about six finished episodes and three really stand out for me: "Orpheus" (interesting character pieces for both Teal'c and DJ), "Revisions" (a nice stand-alone story), and "Fragile Balance" (funny episode with a terrific guest star -- Michael Welch). There are some developments I'm really excited about (the return of Osiris, the Carter character piece "Grace," seeing Jonas again) and some developments I'm not exactly pleased with.

Madeleine: Hello, If you were part of the SGC, USAF or civilian, what job would you want?
J_Mallozzi: I'd want Jack's job -- getting to go off-world, saving the planet, leading the team, making wisecracks. There'd be no life like it.

Cat_Michelle: Any chances we will see Major Davis before the end of the season? Thanks :)
J_Mallozzi: No plans for Major Davis thus far in Season Seven.

Kaiphantom: Joe, are any future eps going touch on Anubis' past? Such as what crimes he committed which are supposed to be unspeakable to the Goa'uld? And how he managed to ascend? Loved the season opener!
J_Mallozzi: Thanks, Kai. We have discussed Anubis' past and set up part of a back-story but I'm not sure where this back-story will fit into Season Seven.

CARTBLANCHE48: What sort of costume would you like to wear if you were a System Lord, or would you wear make-up if you were a System Lord? And if yes, what sort of make-up?
J_Mallozzi: I liked Baal's outfit (the one he wore in "Abyss") and loved Mot's outfit in "Prophecy." Something with a cape would be terrific. Nothing says villain like a cape.

SamMadison: Hi Joe! My question is this: What do you enjoy most about working on a show like Stargate? I've heard a lot about there being a real family atmosphere, is that true? Thanks!
J_Mallozzi: Yes, that is definitely true. The best part of working on the show is the people -- and the catering. The food is pretty good.

MattiDT: Are there any plannings for Asgard ground forces? They can't do business only from orbit and everybody else has ground forces! That could be quite funny, heavy armour, big weapons and small Asgard people ...
J_Mallozzi: No plans for Asgard ground forces. I don't think they really see the need. We'll be checking in with the Asgard next week.

Prion6: In "Fire and Water," it was shown that Daniel kept journals on all his off-world visits. Will he be consulting those journals to help with his memory in Season Seven. If not, why?
J_Mallozzi: Yes, he will definitely be consulting those journals -- but for the most part that will take place off-camera.

Major Clanger: Do you regret killing off some of the better (cooler) Goa’uld so early? (I’m thinking specifically of Heru-ur here)
J_Mallozzi: Heru-ur was my favorite System Lord and I can't say I regret killing him off because I had no say in the decision to off him. Actually, I did have a say (I voted don't kill him) but was overruled.

Faith_H: I know you already answer a question about Sam and Jack relationship, but what will happen with Daniel and Janet? All the best from Montreal!
J_Mallozzi: I'll be back in Montreal in early July. I know there's a con going on sometime this year but I think the scheduling is no good for me.
J_Mallozzi: With regard to Daniel and Janet -- no relationship plans -- but major developments for both characters this season.

AmaunetLSD: hi Joe. Thanks for coming Will the Asgard fight against the Goa’uld now that they have eliminated the Replicators? Greeting from Spain.
J_Mallozzi: We'll have to wait and see. The Asgard have been weakened by a number of things (check out "Revelations" and "Unnatural Selection") and are not as powerful as they once were -- or maybe want us to believe.

HoodatW: Thanks for your time Joe. Net fans are very active ... obviously. There's been a lot of letter writing going on lately. Aside from the warm fuzzy feelings you all get from hearing how much we love the show... do all those letters have any impact on its outcome?
J_Mallozzi: I've often said -- we don't take dictation -- however, its nice to know how the fans feel on certain topics and its always nice to do a little something for the fans.

Shockwavevok: About "Full Circle," how did Daniel actually warn Yu, did he just appear in his room and say: "Hi Yu, sorry about the summit. Can you please go to Abydos, Anubis has the Eye of Ra and has build a super weapon."
J_Mallozzi: That is actually a question for Rob who wrote the episode. You might catch him a Gatecon this year.

Anitalobita: Have someone of the cast ever been in a real danger situation during shooting?
J_Mallozzi: To the best of my knowledge no one has ever been in any real danger. We have a terrific stunt coordinator in Dan Shea, and things usually go off without a hitch. Except for that time we accidentally set that extra on fire. But aside from that, things have gone very smoothly.

Anubissg1: Hello Joe, thank you for coming. How is it possible for Anubis to do his ascent because for me it is impossible because he is a Goa’uld.
J_Mallozzi: True. It would seem an impossibility given what we know about the ascended beings and what we know of Anubis -- but we have answers. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait to find out.

LakotaSkunk: Are there any plans for the cast to be involved in more time travel this season?
J_Mallozzi: Time travel? Not exactly. Too early to tell though.

FatherClanger: Which is your personal favourite episode (either one that you have written, or by someone else)?
J_Mallozzi: I have always loved "2010" -- finding out what happened to the team, the S.G.C., seeing them go down one after the other -- a terrific episode.

stevejmiller: Any chance we will see more travel with the Stargate to other galaxies than our own ... and any plans for more characters from other galaxies?
J_Mallozzi: Yes -- and yes. Stay tuned.

UglyPig: What happened to Jonas' brain implant? Did Anubis remove it once he'd sucked out everything important or did he leave it there?
J_Mallozzi: Yes. Once implant essentially absorbs Jonas's memories, downloading them into the unit which is subsequently removed.

JGateway: I think it's been stated on show that it is impossible for a Goa’uld host to ascend, however is it possible for a Goa’uld to takeover an already ascended being? Additionally, will Daniel have to risk ascension at any point in the future of Season Seven?
J_Mallozzi: I would say it is impossible for a Goa’uld to take over an already ascended being. But there are other options. Daniel will wrestle with his past as an ascended being, but will not have to face a choice like the one you described.

The_Sholvah: Why do you always make the System Lords' fleets so small? In "Full Circle," "Fallen" and "Homecoming" I was surprised that they only had less than a dozen ships. In "Fair Game" Thor said the System Lords had about 200 ships, while "Sokar" had enough to overthrow them. Has war with Anubis led to this great decrease in fleet sizes, or are the System Lords keeping a significant portion of their fleets to protect their territory?
J_Mallozzi: Yes, there's that -- and there's the fact that with the constant in-fighting, many of their ships are off battling their rivals.

SusieGate in Australia: Will Stargate Atlantis be a similar show to Stargate SG-1? Will any storylines from SG-1 be carried over and explored further in Atlantis or will it begin with a clean slate?
J_Mallozzi: It's still kind of early to say at this stage. Atlantis will be its own entity -- however, elements of SG-1 may make the occasional appearances in the new show, like, say, a special guest star or guest stars.

SheykissJack: Do you know if the actors (RDA particularly) go often on the Web? And you?
J_Mallozzi: Rick, Chris, Teryl and Don I know for a fact never go online. I believe Amanda and Michael have checked in on occasion.

Darren: What has Brad Wright's level of involvement been so far this year? Will he be more involved as the season draws to a close and the decision is made about Season Eight, movie or spin-off?
J_Mallozzi: Brad has written Lifeboat and is in the process of co-scripting the season finale with Robert. He is co-developing the spin-off with Robert and will be very involved in both Season Eight and/or the spin-off.

ToastBusters: Do the Asgard have any resources we haven't seen yet? And will we get to see them in action, throwing the full thrust of their might (in other words, showing us what they're truly made of)?
J_Mallozzi: We'll check in on them but we won't be seeing them showing off their full power. Other resources -- its possible.

brandonchall: If God came down to you and said: "Joe Mallozzi! I will erase every episode of Season Seven from existence except one! You can choose which one is saved!" Which one do you want to be saved ... and why?
brandonchall: "Ho and by the way, you can count a two-parter as one."
J_Mallozzi: I'd say "Revisions" because its a nice little snapshot episode of the team working together, going off-world without the baggage of dangling plot threads from previous seasons. And, since Paul and I wrote it, it means we still get paid.

MGM07: I know it's not about Stargate, but sorry I have to know this: From which animated series are the toys that appeared in your interview (and Paul Mullie's) for TV Zone magazine? They seem so cool!
J_Mallozzi: I'm not sure which toys we're talking about because I have a lot of toys in my office. In all probability, it was the rogues gallery that lines my office -- a collection of villains from DC comics.

GGURL2: Hi, maybe I missed, but when they visit another planet, could there be another Stargate or an entirely different type of civilization in opposite side of the planet or entirely unrelated civilization that doesn't know who else lives on the planet. For instance, 500 years ago, different areas would have very different cultures.
J_Mallozzi: Yes, that's one of the sci-fi conceits that Paul was talking about in a recent interview -- the fact that when we visit an alien planet, its always a homogeneous united order. The assumption is that when a civilization becomes advanced, it unites for the common good. There have been exceptions -- Jonas's planet for one. We would definitely like to do more of this in future episodes.

Seven_of_Eight: Joe, Are there certain things you'd wished for the main characters that will never come true due to episodes that were written later, things where the comfort of an alternate reality would apply?
J_Mallozzi: Yes, there are a number of things I would have wished for: characters I would rather not have seen get killed off or lost, stories I would have rather not seen become canon. I'd rather not get overly specific though.

Graciecastle: Why isn’t there some explanation at the beginning of the show, a la Quantum Leap, to explain some of the basic premises ... because despite repeated watchings, I still find the show incomprehensible.
J_Mallozzi: Sorry about that. We try to make the show as accessible as possible, mixing up the storylines, offering episodes that can appeal to both new viewers and hardcore fans.

pettygrew: Hi, Joe. Has anyone considered a plot where sign language is used or going to a planet where language isn't recognized?
J_Mallozzi: Sign language? Yes (and an inability to communicate), but the story was shelved for various reasons.
pettygrew: If not sign language, what about a plot where the language isn't recognized.
J_Mallozzi: Yes -- there was an idea pitched in which the team visits a planet where the people speak a language that isn't recognized. They attempt sign language -- as one of numerous attempts at communication.

Faith_H: I'm sorry if this question are not interesting for everybody, but did you said it will be a convention at Montreal? Or near of? If so, when?
J_Mallozzi: I'm not sure Faith. I just came across the Web site and told the organizers I was from Montreal and might be in Montreal at the time of the convention. Check online listings for cons.

Kawoosh: You mentioned before there were some developments coming up that you weren't so happy with -- can you give us a little more information on those if possible?
J_Mallozzi: When we map out story arcs and individual episodes, the writers sit in a room and spin ideas. Majority vote (or strongest argument) usually wins. For instance, I've always liked Yu and think its too bad we're losing him so soon in Season Seven. Other upcoming developments I disagreed with too but, alas, was in the minority.

Lynne Cooper: Will Sam use the Goa'uld hand or healing device at all during Season Seven?
J_Mallozzi: No plans for Sam to use either in Season Seven.

SGNY: Hi! In this season, will O'Neill discover where Carter's mole is?
J_Mallozzi: Mole? what mole?

baterista9: What can you tell us about the contest walk-on role? Does walk-on mean "extra", or will there be lines? (And thanks for making it a walk-on this year!)
J_Mallozzi: I don't really know much about the contest so I can't answer that one. Sorry.

stevejmiller: I believe that Season Seven contains much fifth race plot continuation, we have met the Asgard and Nox obviously, and the ancients are those that have ascended, but who are the furling and will they make an appearance in the near future?
J_Mallozzi: No plans to see the Furlings this season.

Kaiphantom: Besides possibly "Heroes" will we hear anything else in future eps about other Earth governments like the Russians or Chinese? In real life, the Chinese have developed a rapidly-moving space program.
J_Mallozzi: Yes, there are plans to check in with our allies.

8FORCEFIRE8: Someone on "The Lowdown" said they thought RDA considered himself as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" ... who do u think Toto would be, then?
J_Mallozzi: I don't know. Hammond?

ToastBusters: Is Season Eight final? If it was up to you, how far would you like to take the series?
J_Mallozzi: No word yet on next year. I don't really know how far I would like to take the series. I know that we're not short of ideas. This year has produced some terrific episodes.

Janounette: Hi, Joe! I'm 13 years old and I love Amanda very, very, very much! She is the best for me! :D Can you give me the mail of Amanda Tapping? Please? Thanks!
J_Mallozzi: You should write to her at the studio. 2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby BC, Vancouver Canada. I don't remember the postal code off-hand. Check online. You'll be able to find it without too much trouble.

baterista9 a.k.a. Gilder: Joe, how did you all (cast, crew, staff) celebrate last night's season premiere? (Or were you watching the NBA playoffs?)
J_Mallozzi: Sadly, we don't get Sci-Fi in Canada. I celebrated by doing a couple of loads of laundry, working out, and watching some anime.

MajorClanger: Any plans to have a British character who isn’t a bad guy / girl? (and doesn’t drink tea)
J_Mallozzi: Not a bad idea. No plans as of yet but if we do Atlantis -- who knows?

carteroneill: Hi, Joe! Any more news on Sam and Jack sharing any Jell-O or cake this season? :)
J_Mallozzi: No plans for any of that -- although Jack will be sharing Jell-O with Teal'c early in the season.

JaraDax: A Sam and Jack relationship is with reason unlikely in the series, but is there a chance that it will be possible in the movie?
J_Mallozzi: There is the possibility that we may see something in the movie but, ultimately, so long as the two characters are serving together, its highly unlikely for them to pursue a romantic relationship.

Darren: Were there any differences from the final version of "Homecoming" that differed from your script, which you wish wouldn't have been changed?
J_Mallozzi: Paul and I usually produce our own episodes so the final decisions usually rest with us but in this case, Robert produced the two-parter. I thought he did an excellent job. The only real difference, one thing I would have liked to have kept from the original draft of the script, was the final scene between jack and Daniel. It was different in the first draft but subsequently changed -- but not by Rob.

MattiDT: Will we visit the original Asgard homeworld in near future or meet some other Asgard characters? We have not seen much about society, cities etc.
J_Mallozzi: No planned trips to the Asgard homeworld but we will be meeting another Asgard next week.

KirstenSG1: Any truth to the rumours that there may be a Sam/Jack kiss this season, or that Sam finally goes to Jack's cabin? Just for the fishing of course ... ;-)
J_Mallozzi: There may be some truth to one of those rumors ... sort of.

03SemperFi: You've touched on a lot of mythology from around the world, and it seems Stargate's drifting from that course, any chance of a return to some new mythological aspects? Celtic? Japanese?
J_Mallozzi: We have touched on Celtic a bit. We'll be touching on Mayan this season. I've always wanted to do Japanese but haven't been able to find the proper story.

ELLORY1: Thank you for chatting with us. Do you tell the staff about the chats? If so what? :)
J_Mallozzi: Yes. I'm sure Rob and Damian will be checking them out. Brad too if he has access to a computer while on vacation.

Darren: Big thanks to Joe -- and everyone! -- for joining us today! Remember to catch new episodes of Stargate every Friday on Sci-Fi.

J_Mallozzi: It was my pleasure. Thanks for tuning in and keep posting your questions.

Joseph Mallozzi is a writer and executive producer for Stargate SG-1. Along with writing partner Paul Mullie, he has penned such episodes as "Window of Opportunity," "Summit," "Prophecy" and "Homecoming."

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