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Leader's Legacy
Beware of SPOILERS below for Season Three and Four of Stargate Atlantis in this interview!

She has lighted a path as Atlantis's caretaker for three years. Now, in the season to come, Dr. Elizabeth Weir will make the greatest sacrifice of all. GateWorld spoke with the woman who could tell us all about it. It is our privilege to bring you another interview with Torri Higginson.

Much like McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett, the news of Higginson's departure from series regular was a shock to many fans. In this candid interview, Torri tells GateWorld why she feels this has happened, and why she refuses to put all the blame on the show runners. She talks about highlight episodes from Season Three, teases us of what's to come, and wholeheartedly expresses her love to her fans.

GateWorld's interview with Torri Higginson has been made available to you in MP3 format for easy listening. It is over 23 minutes long. Prefer not to listen? We've also transcribed it below!

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GateWorld: For, I'm David Read, and I'm once again on the phone with the lovely Torri Higginson. Torri, a huge welcome to you and thank you for taking some time with us!

Torri Higginson: Oh, my pleasure, and thank you for 'lovely.' [Laughter]

GW: Torri, I'm going to be honest with you here. The new season hasn't started airing yet and I'm already missing you.

TH: Aw, bless your heart. [Laughter]

GW: At the end total, how many episodes in Season Four did you appear in?

TH: Technically four, but it kind of stretches it. Really two, but technically four.

GW: The opening two-parter, I guess? "Adrift" and "Lifeline?"

TH: Yeah, I think the first one of that I'm pretty much asleep through most of it. Some of my finest acting, let me tell you.

GW: I was on set earlier this year and there was a scene of you and Rachel in an isolation ward, and she was in the hazmat outfit. So I guess that was from "Lifeline?'

TH: Yes, that must've been. From the second part of the two-parter, yeah.

GW: Oh, OK. What is the flavor of these shows like compared to other episodes in which you played a major role?

Torri Higginson returns for only four episodes as Elizabeth Weir in the upcoming season.
TH: I think this next season is going to shift quite a bit with the different energies and different characters and different actors. But for me the first one felt very similar to what we'd been doing in the last two years. The tone hadn't really changed yet. I think it's probably going to start changing after the second episode.

But I think it's pretty similar. Obviously the tone was different. It's strange for all of us because we all knew there were more shifts that were happening, and we were all adjusting to that on our own as actors. As characters it was pretty straight-forward.

GW: Were these changes some good ones? Basically improving the integrity of the show in any way?

TH: Yeah -- television is very difficult, and Stargate is an anomaly. To have a show to run for ten years is really rare, and very difficult and challenging. There has to be a lot of changes to keep things fresh. [SG-1] is remarkable because they managed to do it for ten years. I know Daniel died and came back and one point. But on the whole it was the same group. I think that's quite an achievement for them. I understand why they did a lot of changes and I think, hopefully, it did give a nice, fresh breath of air into the show.

GW: Has season four presented you with any acting challenges?

TH: A little bit. There was a bit. There was really one episode that I felt really engaged with. She had some interesting emotional sacrifices to make. It was lovely to show that sense of her willingness to sacrifice for everybody. That was nice. But it didn't feel like a huge challenge to portray because it was something very natural to her.

All those characters have put themselves into situations where they would die for each other. So I think it wasn't a huge stretch, but it was wonderful to have her show that in one of her last moments.

GW: So basically it's her turn to step up to the plate and take the bullet?

TH: Yeah, for once maybe giving Rodney and Sheppard a break. [Laughter]

GW: With some of the spoilers floating around and about it's fairly evident you'll have a good deal of Replicator involvement. What are you willing to tell us about that?

TH: Well the Replicators are such an interesting concept. I guess they were first introduced in [SG-1] . We've had them, a few times, show up. They're quite wonderful for the sci fi world too because it always means endless possibilities. There is never an end to a story, because if one teeny, micro-Replicator at all existed ... everything's going to be recreated. And that's quite fun and playful, and allows people to have all kinds of hopes.

Oberoth and Weir connect in Season Four.
I think it's really great. I enjoyed that concept a lot. But she definitely plays a lot with them. That was interesting because she had that experience with them the previous year, in "The Real World." So she has a very emotional reaction to them to begin with, and she has to grow and evolve and learn to accept them on a different level. And that's interesting to do.

GW: Did you get to work with David Ogden Stiers at all this year?

TH: Yes, we had a fantastic scene! A whole pool of light. Yes, I remember it well now. But yes, I did have that joy, and he was such a joy to work with. I felt very pleasantly surprised.

GW: What can you tell us about the circumstances that led to the decision to have you recurring?

TH: I can tell you nothing. [Laughter] I wasn't a part of the decision, so I can tell you nothing about what their process was. I can hypothesize. To be honest, to be frank -- and I don't judge them for it -- I believe that there is a loyalty to the [SG-1] people and when they knew that show was ending they tried to find a way to keep the people they'd been loyal to for ten years alive, and I absolutely admire that. There is a lot of loyalty to this business. I think that's very great, and very gracious of them.
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