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Mother of Destiny
Beware minor SPOILERS for Season Four of Stargate Atlantis, as well as the upcoming Fifth Season in this interview!

It has been too long since our last interview with Rachel Luttrell, who has been keeping busy both on and off the sound stages of Stargate Atlantis in recent months!

Rachel gave birth to a baby boy, Caden Dar, in October of 2007. Partially due to the pregnancy, an intricate arc was threaded through Season Four involving Teyla. In our latest interview with the actress, Luttrell talks about having a meaty multi-episode story to sink her teeth into, in addition to the life-changing whirlwind that is being a parent.

GateWorld's interview with Rachel is available in MP3 audio format for easy listening, and is 12 and a half long. It is also transcribed below. You can also download the interview to your MP3 player and take GateWorld with you!

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GateWorld: For I'm David Read here with Darren Sumner. We're talking with the lovely Rachel Luttrell. Lovely and radiant as always.

Rachel Luttrell: Ah bless you! Even with minimal amount of sleep, huh?

GW: Yeah! So what's been going on in your life?

RL: Oh my gosh!

GW: Tell us.

RL: Well I became a mom! I think you know…pretty much…well I think you guys know. Yeah.

GW: Congratulations!

RL: Thank you so very much. So my world has completely flipped on its head and, yeah, everything is new. My little guy is now six months old so for the course of the hiatus, which for me started about a month before the rest of everybody else wrapped, was about, you know, becoming a mom and surviving, as you well know, Darren, how that feels. So yeah, that's what's new, but it's massive. It completely changes your perspective on everything, as you know.

GW: Even work?

Season Four ended with Michael's capture of Teyla. From "The Kindred, Part 2"
RL: Oh yeah, even work. Very much so. I love my job, I very much love my job, and I love Teyla, but I was so concerned about coming back to work. I was just, you know, I was very nervous about it, how it would work and getting my little guy up at four in the morning.

GW: He usually gets up anyway, I bet.

RL: Actually well, now, no. Now he pretty much sleeps until…left to his own devices, he'll sleep until 8 a.m.

GW: Wow.

RL: Yeah, it's great. I mean he's six months so it's good. Yeah. You know, there was that, but everything has kind of worked its way, and I've got a nice little rhythm, and it's lovely to be back here. It's very much like home here. In fact it is home it's just an extension of my home and I forgot that when I was fully engrossed in my little bubble of being a mom and being at home. So now it's…

GW: It's easy to forget everything else.

RL: Yeah, yeah. But it's great and everybody here is so wonderfully supportive so it's been a pretty seamless transition.

GW: Transitioning back in to the workplace.

RL: In to the workplace, yeah. As a Momma!

GW: So the last time we saw you, you were…

RL: Huge?! [Laughter] Oh my God I had some friends, they saw the show, and they were like, "Rachel your breasts were these massive orbs and they were glowing!" Woo, yeah! I just think it's so funny. But yes! Yes, I was with Michael and in a bad state of affairs.

GW: So I take it you made it back?

RL: Yes! Yes, I did.

GW: Teyla's still on the show?

RL: Teyla is still on the show, yes. Yeah, yeah, Teyla was in a bad way when we ended the season last and Teyla is in a bad way when we start the season. Season 5.

GW: Is Connor back with you?

RL: Connor is back, yeah. And I love Connor.

GW: Isn't he awesome?

RL: Yeah. He's such a sweet guy and he's a wonderful actor and he's so wonderful to work with. But, yeah, Connor's still…well no Connor. Connor doesn't still have me but, Michael, Michael still has Teyla and the rest of the…I don't know how much I'm actually able to say, but nonetheless they do manage to find me and, you know, a little baby comes. A little baby comes , which apparently is a wild and wooly scene. It was certainly a wild and wooly scene to shoot.

GW: The filming of Season Four lined up almost exactly with your pregnancy, tell us about that whole experience.

RL: It lined up perfectly with my pregnancy. It was a little bit of a surprise but a wonderful and happy surprise. And I went and spoke with the producers, Paul and Joe upstairs, specifically, about a month before we started shooting Season Four and they had this wonderful elaborate storyline planned out for Teyla and how she was going to go and it was going to be the season of Teyla. And I knew that.

Teyla's pregnancy allowed her relationships with her teammates to evolve in new directions.
I sat them down and I said "OK, well this is what's going on, you guys," and actually they found out before a lot of my friends found out because, you know, as you know you don't talk about it for a certain period of time until you're certain that everything is wonderful and hunky dory.

So I told them and so they had to kind of shift gears and go in a completely different direction. But I think that my pregnancy, what was happening in my life, lent itself wonderfully to Teyla, and some really great stories and some great connections with the other characters and, yeah, it just played perfectly.

GW: Well, Paul was very intent on making this season, finally, a season very Teyla-heavy.

RL: Yeah.

GW: Do you know the direction they would have gone in had the pregnancy not come in?

RL: Not really. Not really. Because, you know, I spoke to them about it and before they had an opportunity to tell me …

GW: Oh this was pretty early.

RL: Right. They did suggest that they were going to make Teyla a little darker, perhaps, but I think that they still managed to incorporate a lot of that in Season Four with the disappearance of her people and with the realization, the potential, that her child might very well be the last of her people.

So there was a lot of heavier, kind of darker elements paired with the knowledge of this new life coming and a new identity for herself, so I think that there was a lot for me to play off of and I was very happy about it.
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