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Robert Picardo CODA
GateWorld talks with Robert Picardo

GateWorld chats with SG-1 and Atlantis alum Robert Picardo about his final Stargate appearance in SGU, and where his career is currently taking him.


Robert Picardo
May 2013

Tony Amendola
"Once Upon A Continuum"
April 2013

Michael Shanks
"Shanks For The Memories"
March 2013

Dion Johnstone
"Defiant One"
February 2013

Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood
May 2012

David Deluise
"For Pete's Sake"
December 2011

Ben Browder
"Have Ben, Will Travel"
December 2011

Corin Nemec
"Heart of Langara"
November 2011

Christopher Judge
"Return of the Jaffa"
October 2011

Cliff Simon
"Having a Baal"
June 2011

N. John Smith
"Letting Go"
February 2011

Diana Dru Botsford
"Rules of the Game"
December 2010

Christopher Heyerdahl
"Man of Many Faces"
October 2010

Alec Peters
"King of Props"
April 2010

Erick Avari
"The Archaeologist"
January 2010

Michael Shanks
November 2009

Morris Chapdelaine
"Pulling Strings"
September 2009

Jonathan Glassner
September 2009

Brad Wright
"Refining History"
September 2009

Christina McQuarrie
"Stitches In Time"
August 2009

Colleen Rennison
"Coming of Age"
July 2009

Michael Kopsa
"Fruitful Journey"
July 2009

Kirby Morrow
"Driver's Seat"
June 2009

Teryl Rothery
"Medicine Woman"
June 2009

Michael Shanks
"Spreading Wings"
May 2009

Jaimie Duncan and Holly Scott
"A Novel Idea"
May 2009

Amanda Tapping
"New Frontier"
April 2009

Neil Jackson
"Villain in Waiting"
March 2009

Cliff Simon
"End of a Reign"
February 2009

Sally Malcolm
"Storied Success"
January 2009

Ben Browder
"Lucky Man"
January 2009

Peter Flemming
"Agent of Honor"
December 2008

Dan Shea
"Stunts and Wrenches"
November 2008

Peter Williams
"God of Night"
November 2008

Charles Shaughnessy
"Stark of Stargate"
November 2008

Jan Newman
"Cut! Make-up!"
October 2008

Michael Greenburg
"Man at the Gate"
October 2008

Corin Nemec
"Unsung Hero"
October 2008

David Palffy
"Villains Never Die"
October 2008

Tony Amendola
"Noble Warrior"
October 2008

Alexis Cruz
"Duel Persona"
October 2008

Barry Campbell
"Ice Man"
October 2008

Sabine C. Bauer
"Lady of Fiction"
September 2008

Michael Shanks
"New Voyages"
September 2008

Gary Jones
"Jonesy Encoded"
September 2008

Michael Shanks
"Daniel's Continuum"
August 2008

Martin Wood
"Man of Vision (Part 2)"
July 2008

Cliff Simon
"Game of Baal"
April 2008

Robert C. Cooper
"Myth Maker (Part 2)"
April 2008

Robert C. Cooper
"Myth Maker (Part 1)"
April 2008

Ben Browder
"Action Man"
March 2008

Christopher Judge
"Judging Truth"
March 2008

Carmen Argenziano
"Father Figure"
October 2007

Michael Shanks
"Turn of the Page"
June 2007

Damian Kindler
"Visions of Sanctuary"
March 2007

Amanda Tapping
"Looking Backward, Looking Forward"
January 2007

Don S. Davis
"Intimate Portrait (Part 1 of 2)"
September 2006

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