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Warrior Within
Beware SPOILERS for Season Four of Atlantis in the article below!

It's been three seasons since Jason Momoa joined the cast of Stargate Atlantis and in that time we've learned a great deal about Ronon Dex's past, his motivations and his loyalty to his comrades. Fortunately for viewers, the recent renewal of the show means even more of the character will be explored for at least one more season!

GateWorld recently had the opportunity to talk with Momoa about some of the more recent updates, including fighting alongside fellow Satedans in "Reunion," his recent hair style change, and fun off-set with his fellow castmembers.

Jason also takes time to explore possible outcomes for Dex which would bring him the most satisfaction as an artist.

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GateWorld: Atlantis was recently picked up for a fifth season. Are you excited about going back to work for a fourth year?

Jason Momoa: Absolutely. I'm excited to do that with my character. You never know. You never know. My buddy Paul McGillion getting dismissed ... that was a shocker, so you really never know in this business. I'm surprised they ask me back every year, so it's always a pleasure. You just never know. It could be like "Nah, we don't want him back. We're done with Ronon." You never know. I'm excited to be back. It's a privilege and an honor.

GW: What are your feelings for your introductory episode, "Runner," these few years after shooting it?

JM: I was excited, it was a great episode. It was such a meaty episode. Literally the day before I get there you see wardrobe, and you see this character and really have to develop Ronon. To tell you the truth I don't think I had him dialed as much -- it was an OK job as far as being satisfied with my work, but there was still a lot of stuff that could've been put in there. I haven't seen [the episode] in such a long time.

Though Ronon was ultimately betrayed by his fellow Satedans, Jason understands why he would have been so eager to rejoin them. From "Reunion."
I know Ronon inside and out now, three years with this guy living inside of me. His perspective on so many different topics. I guess it would be a richer performance. You can't question your art. It can always be better. It's TV and you don't get as much time and maybe what might've brought a better performance out of it was the fact that I didn't know anyone the first day on set, and having to do all the stuff and the awkwardness, and being a loner coming on to a set ... maybe that did influence and help the performance.

GW: What about "Sateda?"

JM: I love "Sateda." It was fun. It's like being a sponge and you're thirsty to get some water. You're really thirty, because Ronon is a character where he didn't get a lot of stuff to work with, and there's a certain quality and subtleness ... being still in a lot of the scenes is hard. Your own person wants to do something in a different way, and he had the opportunity to really express his emotions. You may try to overdo it. I tried to keep it down, not overplay it. It's really hard to balance how you want to play the emotions. You don't want to give too much away.

There was areas where I was really happy with myself, and it only shows three seconds on there, but it was the opportunity to play. This is what I get paid for, and this is what I would do for free. Those moments, even off-camera, I'm going to give it to you good. You get something you can sink your teeth into, it's like, "Oh, it's awesome." You come home from work -- mentally exhausted -- just happy to do your art and at the end of the day that's what it's about.

GW: Do you share any particular traits with Ronon?

JM: Oh, absolutely. Loyalty is probably one of my greatest traits. Loyalty, honor ... what else do I share with him? Passionate. Extremely passionate. Maybe a little bit of stubbornness. ... He has a little compassion in him. I don't know if he can forgive but he can definitely apologize. It's hard for him but when he apologizes he likes to make things right.

GW: How do you feel about his feelings for shooting first and asking questions later? Is it pure brutality or does the character maybe have a point?

JM: I think he's been done wrong so many times that he's just learned from it. His gut instinct is always what's kept him alive. That's the only thing he's trusted. He's been running for so long. That was his survival kit. His stomach. His sixth sense. His reaction's what's kept him alive. It's hard to break that, and I don't think the team wants to break that. It's harnessing that, knowing that you have that already so let's try to, maybe, further it. But that's Ronon. He has to have that. That's what gives it the good drama.

GW: "Reunion" recently aired on SCI FI. What were your reactions to Ronon's eagerness to switch sides and rejoin his people? Was that natural to you or did you object to that personally?

JM: No, I didn't object to it. I think that would've been something I would've done, something I think anyone would've done.
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