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GateWorld Podcast: Perceptions of Sci-Fi Fans

Tuesday - April 14, 2009
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Stargate fans enjoy the 2009 Vancouver convention

Stargate fans enjoy the 2009 Vancouver convention

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What do other people think of us? That’s the question behind this week’s main discussion, in which Darren and David are joined once again by our fan panel at the 2009 Vancouver Stargate convention. Plus GateWorld’s own Tame Farrar is back to chat with us about science fiction fans and how we are perceived (and stereotyped) by family, friends, co-workers and the media at large. Are you considered the “oddball” in your family? Do you hide your love of sci-fi from others? Do you feel like an outsider?

But first we’ll recap a ton of Stargate news from the previous week, and run down the latest additions to GateWorld. We also have more listener comments at the end of the show.

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This Week’s Listener Question:
Do you think that Stargate has ever fallen back on technology as a storytelling crutch? Or is new technology fundamental to what Stargate is all about?

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You can also leave a comment below, or post on the Podcast Feedback thread at the forum.

Next Episode: Storytelling Device or Crutch? Darren and David will tackle a major issue in the Stargate franchise in recent years: How much is advanced technology used as a crutch for storytelling, and how much is it simply what the shows were always about?

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  • Not sure if its just me or not, but i’m getting a lot of ‘jumps’ in the audio. Words being skipped, etc….

  • liked the podcast, as usual, but it was kind of hard to hear during the convention part.
    got a few skips in the audio too…
    I think I’m too geeky for even the geeks to appreciate – thus I’d even feel uncomfortable going to a con!

  • Non Scifi lovers are the weird ones. Who in their right mind does not at least like Scifi?

    People who enjoy reality shows, standard detective shows, talk shows etc.. are the real losers in entertainment. They are sheep who lack imagination pure and simple. What other purpose does scifi offer other than a chance to expand the great “what if”?

    Scifi has it all Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Love, Hate, Good, Bad… and there is no limit to its potential. SG-1, SGA, Farscape, ST all series, Bab 5, Firefly, Dr. Who, torchwood, Starwars give the world the greatest form of escape from reality… and in some ways offer hope to our own imaginations giving way happier and less depressed people.

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