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GateWorld Podcast: Storytelling Device or Crutch?

Wednesday - April 22, 2009
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The Doci encounters the Ark of Truth.  From <I>Stargate: The Ark of Truth</I>.

The Doci encounters the Ark of Truth. From Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

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On the table for discussion this week is the use of advanced technology in the Stargate universe! From transporters and locator chips to Merlin’s weapon and the Ark of Truth, Darren and David ponder just how much these are storytelling devices, and how much they are used as crutches. We’ll also find out what you think in this week’s listener mail.

As always, first we’ll recap the latest news from the Stargate universe, and give you a very special preview of GateWorld’s new interview with Samantha Carter actress Amanda Tapping!

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Discussion – Storytelling Device or Crutch?

This Week’s Listener Question:
What is your favorite episode from SG-1 Season Three, and why? Least favorite?

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Next Episode: SG-1 Season Three. Next week we’ll talk about one of our favorite seasons from Stargate history!

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  • I understand your “Old Testament-New Testament” comparison. But I would tend to disagree, especially because the Ori as mentioned by Vala are very lenient with sins – they have hardly any moral code other than 1. Worship Ori 2. ???? 3. Profit.

  • David Read

    Precisely. Most of what we saw, in terms of prostration and procedure and this and that, felt very Old Testament. But if you listen to what Tomin says in “Line in the Sand,” it’s pretty clear that he was raised far more New Testament style. Whether or not the Ori are what he believes, his parents taught him that they are loving and forgiving beings.

  • I still disagree. If they were “Old Testament” then there would be more sins in the religion than just not worshiping the Ori.
    As it stands, the culture of the humans in the Ori galaxy is completely free – there are multiple sluts running around once Vala gets there.
    Tomin’s view is less wrathful, I would agree there.

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