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GateWorld Podcast: SG-1 Season Four

Wednesday - May 27, 2009
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Our look back at Stargate history continues this week with a top-to-bottom discussion of the fourth season of Stargate SG-1! It’s one of our favorite years of the show, from the exciting Replicator battle in “Small Victories” to the comedy of “Window of Opportunity,” from the ethical dilemmas of “Scorched Earth” and “The Other Side” to twice the SG-1, twice the fun in “Double Jeopardy.”

This week’s show kicks off with our second preview of “First Prime,” the newest Stargate SG-1 audio drama from Big Finish Productions! This Teal’c story is narrated by none other than Christopher Judge. You can find it on CD or online download at the end of this month. Visit GateWorld’s Books section or head over to

We’ll also recap the latest news from the Stargate universe in the last week, and share a preview of GateWorld’s upcoming interview with Atlantis guest star Ryan Robbins, who played Genii scientist and coup orchestrator Ladon Radim. (He’s now co-starring on Sanctuary, as tech geek Henry Foss.)

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DiscussionSG-1 Season Four

This Week’s Listener Question:
Is there a morally wrong way to fight evil aliens and genocidal robots? Or does the question of a “just war” simply not belong in science fiction?

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You can also leave a comment below, or post on the Podcast Feedback thread at the forum.

Next Episode: Just War On Stargate. We’ll get a little serious with a discussion of the ethics of waging war against alien enemies in the Stargate universe. Call the hotline now and share your opinion!

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  • Would it be possible to review future seasons closer to their release on Hulu? I started watching SG-1 at Season 9, and am using Hulu to get caught up on the old seasons. Being able to hear your discussion on the season close to the time that I watched it would be very interesting, IMO.

  • David Read

    Once Stargate Universe comes out we’ll be devoting the majority of our main discussions to it, so it wouldn’t really work out. I suggest you hold off on listening to the main discussion topics of Stargate history until you have seen the corresponding season on Hulu.

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