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GateWorld Podcast: What Is Ascension?

Tuesday - May 5, 2009
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We’re taking the GateWorld Podcast to a higher plane of existence (or just a really esoteric topic) this week, as Darren and David discuss the concept of ascension in Stargate and science fiction. Are we all on our way to living as beings of energy? Is it evolution, or accomplishment? And is there a vital spiritual component? We’ll talk about everything from Oma Desala and Kheb to Rodney McKay and his ascend-o-meter.

But first we’ll recap the latest Stargate news, and give you a preview of our upcoming brand new, full-length video interview with actor Michael Shanks (“Daniel Jackson”)!

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Discussion – What Is Ascension?

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Next Episode: Open Line Night! GateWorld’s Tame Farrar stops by to shoot the breeze on whatever comes up. Call us now and ask a question or share your opinions!

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  • Great podcast.

    Ahh spoilers, I hate to love them. What I mean by that is in the long wait for certain episodes to air I love that spoilers are available to ‘quench’ my impatience. However often times I end up regreting ever reading them becuase I feel I would have enjoyed the episode so much more without reading them or my imagination had run away with me and I had pre conceived ideas about what would happen on the episode and am sometimes am actually dissappointed that it didn’t happen that way!

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