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GateWorld Podcast: The Ark of Truth

Wednesday - September 23, 2009
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Ark of Truth - Doci 2 Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

Stargate: The Ark of Truth is the first SG-1 movie, which had to wrap up the Ori storyline in just 90 short minutes. It came with a bigger scope, terrific character moments and plenty of action. Is it a classic SG-1 adventure, or did it try to do too much? Did it present a moral problem that needed to be addressed? And were the Replicators welcome? In this week’s podcast we are talking all about the movie, what it accomplished, and where we think it came up short.

First up, we’ll run down the latest news from the Stargate universe, plus updates on the newest additions to GateWorld. Podcast listeners also get an early preview of our brand new interview with Atlantis actor Joe Flanigan!

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DiscussionThe Ark of Truth

This Week’s Listener Question:
What does Stargate Universe need to do to keep you watching beyond the premiere?

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  • I personal felt that the replicators didn’t fit. Attempting to recreate the most dangerous entities ever to plague the universe, even to defeat the Orii, is so incredibly stupid, it strains my suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. Also, repli-terminator = LAME.

  • 1. So where is the podcast? Not on the podcast page yet and not on…
    2. Just bought my DVD copy of the Ark of Truth so looking forward to this podcast especially.
    3. On another note technical re. leaving comments – why is that it says 3 comments here when there is only 1. (I usually says 1 more comment than there actually are and I always thought it counts mine before I actually comment)…

  • Darren

    Hi dax –

    1) There are three ways to access the podcast shown above (the three buttons). If you want to download the MP3, visit the RSS feed. (I’ll add it to our podcast page now — it wasn’t done before because I was traveling.)

    3) The software we use for publishing news items counts Comments and Trackbacks together. Weird, but I have yet to find a way around it!

  • Thank you for your podcast about AoT, I will have to go pull out my DVD and watch it.
    Can’t wait for the Flanigan interview.

  • Can’t wait for the Joe Flanigan interview!
    Can’t comment on the SG-1 movie because I haven’t watched it (I don’t like SG-1).
    Regarding SGU, I haven’t read anything about the show and I won’t be watching the premiere or anything else. Not interested.
    I’m a fan of Stargate Atlantis, but the only reason I watched the show all these years is because of the wonderful SGA core cast (Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Jason Momoa and Rachel Luttrell). I’m not a Stargate fan in general. Atlantis was the exception because of the cast. So I’m thrilled at the preview of the new interview with Joe Flanigan. He’s by far my favorite actor and I’ll watch him in anything. Thanks in advance for this interview!

  • Ak of Truth was a good ending to the Ori Saga but could of been better. It would of been nice to see the Replicaters on the Ori ships with the Priors trying to kill them and the Ori soldiers trying to kill them and fauiling. Replicator Ori ships attacking other Ori ships would of been nice even if for just a few moments. Though it would of been nice to see Adria destroy the Ark of Truth and have the Doci over hear her talking about how she saps all the energy with no plans of ascending anyone, then having the Doci transmit relay that message.

  • To tell you the truth, I could live without walking erector set replicators. When they took human form then it was interesting. I think too much was in the “Ark” because I don’t think they know/knew if another movie would really be done. I still don’t think they know if it will happen again. When you break up a TV series and release contracts it is very difficult to schedule all these people back in as if they have nothing else to do. And then again there is the greenback. Who gets what you know. Anyhow, here is hope that we can start talking about SGU and hopefully some new movies soon.

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