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GateWorld Podcast: Atlantis Deconstructed

Tuesday - January 27, 2009
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In this special “Atlantis Deconstructed” installment of the podcast, Darren and David get their hands dirty digging into the show that was and the show we wished it would have been. Where did the second Stargate television series triumph, and where did it fall short? (WARNING: Your opinions may vary.)

In this 27th episode of the podcast we’ll also discuss the latest news and GateWorld updates, and give podcast listeners an exclusive early preview of our first interview with Stargate Universe‘s Brian J. Smith (“Lt. Matthew Scott”)!


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DiscussionAtlantis Deconstructed

This Week’s Listener Question: Next week is our first “Open Line Night,” so call or write in and tell us what you want to hear Darren and David talk about! As us a question, give us a topic, ask a trivia question — you are in charge of next week’s show.

Leave us a voicemail on the GateWorld Podcast Hotline any time, day or night, and we’ll play some of your responses in the next podcast! Just dial:

(Long distance rates apply)

Listeners outside the U.S. can use Skype to call for just 2 cents per minute. Or, record a brief message on your computer and e-mail the MP3 or WAV file to us.

You can also leave a comment below, or post on the Podcast Feedback thread at the forum.

Next Episode: Open Line Night. It’s GateWorld’s answer to “casual Friday,” so the ties are coming off and the t-shirts are coming out. Tell us now what you want to hear us talk about!

GateWorld has been bringing you Stargate news and features since 1999.

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  • lol when I first glanced at the headline I didn’t see the word “Atlantis” and I thought it said “GateWorld Podcast Deconstructed” and thought it meant you’d stopped making them. Don’t scare me like that :P

  • same as Jedi Master Bra’tac anyway u guys got it out early, good!!!!

  • Wow, the podcast is early! Yay!
    Thank you guys for another good episode.
    I was not into SG1 as I was Atantis, so much of your commentary when you compare the two shows, is lost on me. But I like hearing the discussion anyway. I am always surprised, because what you focus on is usually nothing I ever even thought about and my issues with things are not on your radar!
    That’s what makes the world go round, I guess.
    Re the Question: How much of your individual time is spent on Gateworld? Has that changed over the years and do you see it changing after Universe debuts?

  • I dont like how opinion is used like a bad word. some opinions are fact. as an average viewer I view the series differently than fans.

  • whats weird is that all the stuff about Atlantis that they criticized is the stuff i find cool about atlantis. example would be relationships and how cold these relationships seem on the surface. that was an interesting element to the show.

  • That said, in my opinion atlantis was ok. season 5 was sloppy and season 6 problably would have been worse. so, I guess I fall in the group that say, atlantis isnt what it use to be.

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