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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Human’

Wednesday - April 28, 2010
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SGU "Human" (114) - Rush Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

This week on the show David and Darren are, of course, talking about last Friday’s new episode of Stargate Universe! “Human” gave us a compelling look at Dr. Nicholas Rush’s past and his inner psyche. It also showed us just how far he’s willing to go to crack Destiny‘s code. We’ll talk about Rush’s response to reliving his wife’s illness, the Lucian Alliance, and a return from Dr. Daniel Jackson (guest star Michael Shanks). We’ll also talk about the civilization discovered by the team in the B-story, and speculate a little on how the big cliffhanger might be resolved. And we’ll find out what podcast listeners thought of the episode!

But first: GateWorld’s own Chad Colvin pays us a visit to debrief on the Vancouver Stargate Convention, hosted by Creation Entertainment. While Darren and David had to stay home this year, Chad was hoppin’ busy covering all the stage panels, hosting GateWorld’s annual dinner (thanks to Propworx for donating the one-of-a-kind give-aways, plus Sci-Fried Band for more goodies), and interviewing nearly a dozen actors from SG-1, SGA, and SGU. Tune in to hear about Chad’s week, and watch the site for those interviews plus more from the Vancouver event.

Join our discussion! Just watch this Friday’s new episode of SGU and call the voicemail hotline by Monday to share your thoughts.

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This Week’s Listener Question:
What did you think of this week’s new episode of Stargate Universe, “Lost?”

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  • It’s been established that these gates have a shorter range than the ones we’re used to, but they’ve never said anything about small networks, I think you imagined that.

  • They have had people stuck and left behind. There are those people from Air, and from Faith. So it has happened.

    The point about Rush’s wife being symbolic of Destiny is interesting. Her dying could be parallel to Destiny’s degradation.

    They’ve never said that the Destiny stops at a certain ‘network’. They have established they have a shorter range though. They also haven’t said that they’ve been going to multiple galaxies between episodes. They have established Destiny has gone to many galaxies in the past.

    It wasn’t stated during the kino video “do whatever you want with my body” literally or otherwise. They said that had consent forms for personal usage, but they also said they have to be careful. They left it up in the air, probably on purpose.

  • As a vicar I found this to be an interesting insight into the mind of this tormented soul. He is grieving for the loss of his wife while blaming himself for not being there for her in her time of need. His grief has took over his whole world to the detriment of everything else in life and he appears to be near the edge. I hope that he finds some form of salvation or tries to come to terms with himself by saving the stranded kids on that planet and then doing good in the future.

  • The idea that Rush’s wife is Destiny surprised me because I didn’t think that at all but looking back, there is that possibility.

    Also, It might not be that Rush was that bad of a person when Gloria was dying. It might be that the stargate program came at the right time for him and he immersed himself in work rather than be with Gloria in her final days. People deal with death and dying differently. Just a thought.

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