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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Space’

Wednesday - April 7, 2010
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SGU "Space" (111) - Rush Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

Stargate Universe has returned with a vengeance, offering up a mid-season premiere with action, effects … and aliens! Darren and David talk about “Space” in this week’s installment of the GateWorld Podcast, from the very alien aliens to Rush’s return, from the strength of our shields to Chloe’s new-found inquisitiveness. We’ll also analyze the way we think the communication stones work, versus how they’ve been shown in Stargate‘s past. Tune in to find out why we think “Space” is SGU‘s best yet.

Before the main discussion we’ll also talk about what’s up at GateWorld, particularly last week’s editor’s column and the response it has received.

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This Week’s Listener Question:
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Next Episode: “Divided.” Call in now and get your opinion on the show!

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  • First! But I think I’ll listen to the podcast first. And yes, I have mixed feelings too.

  • Love your comments, very insightful and thankfully supportive of SGU

  • What’s this “other site for people who feel a certain way” that they are praising in the podcast?

  • Good podcast!

    I know that the main site that has propped up by those who really dislike SGU want advertising on here to allow anyone who dislike SGU & aren’t able voice there opinion within Gateworld’s rules can go. I would be for that if there was some sort of agreement so that they would leave Gateworld alone and stop “sending soldiers”.

    Anyway onto the episode: I really enjoyed ‘Space’ and believe that it has been the best episode thus far but I think that the story easily could have been a double. We could have seen Rush boarding the shuttle on the planet, his capture, Aliens probing his mind (maybe some torture), his actual escape off the ship with Chloe etc. The battle between both ships could have lasted a bit longer aswell (Could easily have made a good cliff hanger if the Destiny was about to be destroyed by the aliens). To me this episode felt a little crammed and the Rush storyline was resolved far to quickly, personally would have liked Rush to be gone at least for 1 episode to see Eli etc trying to cope without him.

    But although I have some criticisms with the episode such as: where did Young get an electric razor from, Chloe being an idiot, Scott being a good fighter pilot in a shuttle that’s barely been used, Rush getting his exact same clothes back etc I think that this was a fab start for season 1.5. Was cool seeing aliens and the action was good, if the remaining episodes of the season are more like this one then SGU doesn’t have a problem in my opinion.

  • “Rush getting his exact same clothes back”

    No, look at the End of Justice. Rush was wearing Army Clothing

  • The podcast was great and very insightful, as to where they are going with this new alien species, the stones, characters, etc.
    What I don’t think is the case while entirely possible is that the alien race has nothing to do with the Ancients. It seems to me that they were just a little too easy to beat, given that much like the Wraith, they obviously have superior numbers at least as far as ships are concerned.
    There has to be a reason that Destiny is so important to them and why they were docked on it early in the season. From my own point of view I get the feeling that they are protecting Destiny, to keep Ancient technology from falling into the wrong hands. The fact that they did not name this species also gives me a hint and while I know it is a long shot could they be the long awaited species that we all know as the Furlings?
    I think that space is the best episode yet and can’t wait to find out.

  • Thanks Altera, that thing really bugged me until reading your coment.

  • i am a little confused with a part of the podcast. They were talking about the aliens not being to get on the ship. But in the episode they showed the aliens drilling holes into Destiny. They were able to even take Chloe from the ship. So how can it be said that the alien are not able to get inside.

  • I haven’t heard anybody say “you better like sgu” or its equivalent. But then again I’m not a mod. If you think the posts here were bad, you should see imdb. The same talking points and faqs keep getting posted again and again.

    A lot of the alien ships simply avoided the shuttle, most likely they didn’t want to damage it.

    Young probably connected to the alien because of its close proximity. And its close proximity was probably because they picked up Rush recently.

    The aliens probably took Cloe at random, as a test perhaps. They don’t want to destroy Destiny, they are just probing and studying the crew to see how we react like an animal in the wild.

    The aliens didn’t give up, they were just trying to study us. Maybe they wanted a comparative sample with Cloe.

    Cloe had no idea what was going on, plus she had to pass by the whole to get through.

    The shuttle didn’t have a problem either because it’s just that advanced or they’re just avoiding it because they want it intact.

    Rush wasn’t assuming as much as you think. He knew this alien was very different, and when he held up the probes the “alien” seem confused, so that’s why he was explaining the technology.

    Rush had been under the mind probe for some time so he probably had a good deal of practice.

    You guys use the term ‘quibble’ when I think you mean ‘question’.

    Altogether, good podcast guys.

    @Tanith Young probably had the razor in his supplies. Chloe was letting her curiosity get the better of her, that happens plenty of times in the real world. Rush got the same clothes because he was wearing a different outfit on the planet. Watch ‘Justice’ and ‘Space’ again.

  • Haha, “kick your dog and punch your kids”…that made me laugh. Nice one, guys =)

  • @ Tanith

    “I know that the main site that has propped up by those who really dislike SGU want advertising on here to allow anyone who dislike SGU & aren’t able voice there opinion within Gateworld’s rules can go. I would be for that if there was some sort of agreement so that they would leave Gateworld alone and stop “sending soldiers”. ”


    But that’s the thing, Tanith…we arent sending soldiers over to attack “your” turf. To Stargate fans, this is the place we have called home for almost 15 years, and YOU are the invaders. But to toe the line between being a well balanced site, appeasing TPTB and you newbies to Stargate, Gateworld had to implement policies they never had to before. We dont need advertisement here, since anyone Googling their sentiments about this show will easily find us. And you came there and we never moderated you or deleted any messages. You ran away and deleted all your posts because you couldnt articulate why you like the show. We get it that a small group of people like the show. We also get it that gateworld cannot allow incessant bashing or overt flaming of those who like the show. Unlike most SGU fans, we INVITE commentary…much like this site used to do. We even have a flame free zone for SGU fans who want to defend it.

    Having said that, the ratings for “Space” were the second lowest of all aired SGU episodes, but probably wont be the lowest rated episode in the second half of season one. Is that an indication that the show has a loyal following that is growing? Is it validation that your glowing praise for the show is shared by lots of other people? Time to get real with it. I hope for better ratings because that means that season two will still be a go. If ratings tank too far below 1m, season two could get axed mid season. Just being realistic here.

  • I know that you guys are telling us that there are other SG fan sites out there, but you guys just happen to be one of the first links when one types in Stargate and to take a good chunk of the the fandom and just boot them out…some might say, its only the disrespectful ones, but I dunno, seen good comments get deleted. Anyways, second time I listened to a podcast, not bad as something in the BG to listen to.

  • “we arent sending soldiers over to attack “your” turf.”

    There was a reason why I put apostrophes around “sending soldiers” in my last comment btw since seeing a discussion about a television program as a war is a little sad in my opinion by fair dos if you see it that way.

    “this is the place we have called home for almost 15 years, and YOU are the invaders”

    erm a lot of the people on this site (the forums in particular) who like SGU have been here for years aswell.

    “appeasing TPTB and you newbies to Stargate”

    Again a lot of those who are fans of SGU were also fans of SG1 & SGA.

    “You ran away and deleted all your posts because you couldnt articulate why you like the show”

    No it was because its like talking to a brick wall. You class this site as being to positive and that we don’t take your opinions seriously, you site is just the flip side of that. What was your first reaction when someone named Binar tried getting his opinion across on your site again?

  • Darren Sumner

    I’ve allowed both posts to stand, but this conversation is now off-topic. Please take personal disputes to private e-mail if you wish to continue.

  • About the stones and connecting to the alien ship,

    as far as i understood this episode, the alien did touch a com. stone, at least i recall a memory cut from the alien holding one stone in its hand, but could be some sort of remote control, looked a lot like a com. stone for me at least, check for yourself its the second memory screening after Young was send back to destiny.

  • @ Darren

    I have a lot of respect for you, even though I disagree with your decision to ramp up the censorship. You have been honest and you have showed a commitment to your convictions. Thank you for allowing me to have my say, and your invitation to come over and pay us a visit still stands!

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