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GateWorld Podcast: SGU‘s ‘The Greater Good’

Monday - November 15, 2010

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When we look back on Stargate Universe years from now, it might be said that “The Greater Good” was the episode that changed everything. Rush’s secret is out, Colonel Young and his people now have some control of the ship, and Destiny‘s true mission — the reason the Ancients launched it so long ago — has been revealed. These are just a few of the big, big things GateWorld’s Darren and David have to talk about on this week’s podcast!

We’ll also discuss the discovery of a new alien ship, the return of Amanda Perry, Rush and Young’s knock-down, drag-out fight, and more. And we’ll hear what listeners thought of this incredible hour of television.

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Discussion“The Greater Good”

This Week’s Listener Question:
What did you think of this week’s new episode of Stargate Universe, “Malice?”

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  • Was this a failure on Col. Young, Camille wanting to integrate the Lucien people or was Greer caught napping in what happened to Ginn?
    Or was the drama with Rush hiding his breaking of the master code for Destiny a major distraction this episode?

  • As I’ve already posted elswhere..the chair may be the Ancients ascension device as well as the data storage(we know they had been experimenting and even perfected the scientific means of ascension)So in order for Destiny to achieve it’s mission it may need a crew..that could be a reason for slower paste of it’s travel thus far.Now the visions of the scientist guy that’d sat on the chair and dissapeared,sorry can’t remember his name and the Rushes wife,could actually be the manifestations of teh Ancients aboard the ship..influencing the crew.Anyway they could be there,just like the Asgard consciousness stored in their ships..I mean aproximately,because if they’re there,they’re probably ascended via the chair.
    Their initial plan could have been to descend,once Destiny had approached the final destination of it’s mission and taking control of the ship..ship that needs the crew to be fully operational.A sort of their version of susspended animation as the guys on the podcast had mentioned.
    But now that these people are already aboard the ship,teh ancients may feel they don’t need to descend and even don’t want to,but instead may have decided to guide these group of people the rest of the way..making them the crew the Destiny needs..helping them along the way,a behaviour we’ve already witnessed in Destiny sustaining them and helping them in need.
    That way,this group of people that shouldn’t have initially been there,may turn out to be/end up exactly where they need to be to fulfill THEIR destinies in the grand scheme of things.It may just take them a while to adjust to it and to accept that!!

    The one thing I completely do not understand is what the heck is the Simeon guy doing on Destiny in the first place..why on earth have they chosen him to stay on board!?
    And what he had done with Gin,plus what the end result of that thing is going to be..I’m still not certain,she’s innocent in all of that.In other words,I’m still not certain the two of them aren’t working together and this isn’t just a ploy within a plan to infiltrate further more and ultimately attack Earth!!

  • David you’re getting the time line of the background radiation wrong. The Big Bang pre-dates it my about half a million years.

  • Darren there is no ‘relative centre’ of the universe. It’s impossible. How can there be a centre with no edge? All space is expanding at the same rate everywhere, the big gang didn’t happen at a specific point, it happened everywhere, it’s just there ‘everywhere’ was very small back then.

  • @Jenks You’re right..there’s no relative centre of the universe,but the big bang did happen at a specific point..infinitely small and from there it had started expanding in all directions,like a baloon filling with air.Now there is an edge,it just isn’t fixed,it’s constantly moving away,because it’s still expanding.If there was no edge of the universe it would mean it wasn’t would be infinite.

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