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GateWorld Podcast: SGU‘s ‘Trial and Error’

Monday - November 8, 2010

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On this week’s show Darren welcomes Stargate novelist Diana Botsford to talk about the newest episode of Stargate Universe, “Trial and Error!” It’s an episode centered on their favorite character on the show — Colonel Everett Young — and definitely proves to be one of SGU‘s best. We’ll discuss Young’s no-win battle scenario, Destiny‘s intelligence and testing, the burden of command, Eli’s blossoming new relationship, and more.

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Discussion“Trial and Error”

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  • As for the quibbles about the glass windows, I have a possible solution. The Goa’uld aren’t anywhere near as advanced as the Ancients, even the Ancients that built the Destiny.

  • It most likely wasn’t glass, just a glass-like material. Greer has been around the new girl a little bit more than the audience. So he’s probably more comfortable with her. That 1st caller was dead wrong, there’s even more exploration on this show than the 1st 2 seasons of SG-1 & SGA. Plus all the planets don’t look like Canada. Not that Canada isn’t pretty. The seeder ship wasn’t explored as fully b/c it heightens the mystery & whets the appetite. 2nd caller: The Lucian Alliance has always used projectile weapons.

  • To 2nd Caller We have infact have had an energy weapon..The weapon used to take down super solders.

  • For Star Trek fans, I am appalled that you two didn’t come to the same conclusion I did the with the battle simulation. Destiny was giving Young his own personal Kobyashi Moru. There was no way to make the right decision, so the ship watched how Young reacted, how he adapted. In the end, his change in focus is what satisfied Destiny. It’s well known that you learn so much more about a person when they fail than when they succeed.

  • Darren Sumner

    The first thing I thought of when the ep revealed it was a simulation was the Kobyashi Maru. That specific comparison didn’t come up in the conversation, though — it’s evident that the ship was testing him, and it was a no-win scenario.

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