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GateWorld Podcast: SGU Season Two So Far

Sunday - January 16, 2011
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Welcome to 2011! The GateWorld Podcast returns for another year as Darren and David revisit the first 10 episodes of Stargate Universe‘s second season — the story so far, from “Intervention” to “Resurgence.” We’ll talk about the Lucian Alliance, Everett Young’s descent into his own, personal hell, and Chloe’s transformation.

We’ll also discuss how “safe” these characters are from the writer’s sword, Telford’s return (and exit, and return), and a whole lot more. But first, we will kick off the show with a recap of what’s happened on the SGU cancellation front since our last show, including some possibilities for the future of the show and the franchise.

Don’t miss next week’s all-voicemail show! We’ll hear reactions to SGU‘s cancellation from listeners from all over the world.

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DiscussionSGU Season Two So Far

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  • They didn’t spoil the mystery. We don’t even know if those were the same people. They could be copies. That would certainly explain a few things. Plus we have no idea what those aliens are. I really did enjoy seeing Caine go. He sounded like the people SG-1 would have to win over to resist the Goa’uld. Maybe that was intentional.

  • I don’t think Chloe is being changed by the Blue aliens, because it makes no sense. Whoever did it knows the Destiny’s systems. The Blues don’t.

  • Since SGU got canceled, I wouldn’t exactly call its’ iron “hot.” It would be nice for the SGU fans to get some kind of wrap up, but for the franchise’s sake, I hope they will focus more on SG1 and SGA follow-ups. They had more fans, they will generate more interest.

  • @sylvia

    Too me. I want SG-1 ties SGA in New movie. :) Thanks to Darren. :)

  • I still don’t know how any SGU fan can look at those space suits in the picture and not think Asgard. Re-cycling is a bit more like it. And wasn’t this Stargate the most expensive one to produce?

  • “how safe the characters are”??? What possible difference does it make? The show is cancelled and none of them are coming back. There’s really no suspense to be had in wonder if they live or die. Now the news of cancellation is out there, I doubt anyone but the final few hard core fans will even be watching. Who bothers with a story they know will not have a conclusion?

  • @Mentat
    The suits are meant to be the same as the suits the Asgard were using. It makes perfect canonical sense. The time Destiny was launched would have been the time the pegasus Asgard split off from the MW Asgard. I really liked that sort of attention to detail.

  • @giza1928
    Why would the Alterans have Asgard space suits on their ship?

  • Because they are not Asgard suits, they are Alteran suits. The PG Asgard were not building a civilisation they were trying to go unnoticed, therefore they would not have had the resources to create new technology.

    So where did they get the suits? most likely from an ancient outpost where there was a hazardous environment.

    The suit’s are old ancient technology (compared to say a personal shield) that why you don’t see it in Atlantis, but it’s old enough that you would see it in Destiny.

    Occam’s razor, who would have invented the suits? A huge Alteran empire colonising lots of worlds using the Stargates which they invented? Or a small band of scavenging Asgard?

  • Also if the Asgard invented those suits, do you really think they would have made them so large?

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