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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Blockade’

Friday - June 3, 2011
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On this week’s podcast Darren and David discuss “Blockade,” the nineteenth and penultimate episode of Stargate Universe‘s second season. We’ll talk about Eli’s crazy plan to recharge Destiny, the drone threat, and the crew’s trip to an abandoned planet and what they found there. We’ll also discuss Dr. Park’s terrifying ordeal during the ship’s trip through a blue supergiant, and whether we thought she would live or die.

At the top of the show we’ll also discuss some of the big headlines in recent weeks, including Darren’s editorial on how wrestling is killing science fiction and the open letter to fans from Syfy Channel’s Craig Engler. We’ll give the run-down on the Stargate Rewatch (starting August 1), and we have plenty of listener mail from fans all over the world discussing recent episodes and the cancellation.

Call the Podcast Hotline! We’re currently prepping our show on SGU Season Two as a whole, and we want you to contribute your thoughts! How do you think the show improved over Season One? Leave a voicemail now to be a part of that conversation.

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Stargate News

Discussion“Blockade” (SGU Episode #219)

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Next Episode: “Gauntlet.” Next week we’re discussing the final episode of Stargate Universe! Call in this week with your thoughts on Season Two as a whole.

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  • Ah here it is! Thanks! Been waiting and waiting :) Will listen later today :)

  • David – I was reading Foundation at the same time, too. Keep being awesome, boys!

  • Thanks the podcast was as good as ever – or even better. Looking forward to next 3 SGU pods and episode pods, really cool.

  • At long last I can freely cavort about Gate World without having to worry about sudden, unexpected spoiler bombs! Yay! Just finished watching #SGU Season 2 DVDs. Too bad it’s too late for me to contribute. The only way to avoid spoilers is by totally tuning out of all things Stargate until the DVD release. At first blush, I really liked ‘Common Descent’ & ‘Epilogue’, but I’m gonna have to rewatch everything before passing final judgment. There is something to be said for first impressions though. I mean, we should take note of the episodes that captivate us the most on the first watch. Some eps don’t have strong replay value and start losing points in our personal ratings after repeated viewings and then we forget that when we first watched it, we were totally taken by it.

  • I just watched the DVD extra: “Behind the Season 2 Finale: Gauntlet” Cast & crew didn’t know if they’d be back for another season, but mentioned how being put into the “stand-up coffins” and shutting down the lights of each set when they finished shooting on it, made it feel like the end. I know watching the show, I was thinking that Acme/Shark & Co. must’ve known that SyFy was gonna scrap ’em, but I guess they were just prepping for the worst. It all came “full circle” but sure left a lot of unfinished story!

  • Without having a chance to re-watch Season 2, I don’t feel in a good position to proffer my thoughts about it. I felt like the 2nd half of the season was the best. I’m mystified about why the two alien species featured in the 1st half of the season just sort of drifted out of the picture to be replaced by the drones. Also miffed as to why none of the Destiny brain-trust pitched the idea of trying to re-program, commandeer or infect the drones with a virus, since they were just computers. I think that I liked ‘Common Descent’ and ‘Epilogue’ so much because they hearkened back to the old SG-1 format of stepping out of the gate into a new world, meeting English-speaking strangers, getting attacked, saving people, underground storage vaults full of treasure-data (which of course gets immediately destroyed) and getting out into a brighter, prettier environment.

  • @fwupow – agree, that’s why I liked these episodes too. And yes, I was totally waiting for the drones to be reprogrammed (has been done in ST and other scifi series, so it’s a given :) – interesting tidbid about the actors in the pods, thanks

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