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GateWorld Podcast: ‘Gauntlet’

Friday - August 12, 2011
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The GateWorld Podcast returns this week (from an earlier-than-expected summer hiatus) to wrap up our discussion of Stargate Universe‘s final episodes! In a massive, 82-minute installment this week, Darren and David are talking about “Gauntlet,” the season finale that left many SGU fans happy but still wanting more.

We’ll discuss the drone threat and how they’ve targeted Destiny, Eli’s crazy idea to bypass the enemy, and the crew’s last goodbyes to their loved ones back home. We’ll also talk about whether this episode is at all satisfying as a final episode, and what the writers were thinking about for resolving the cliffhanger at the start of Season Three. And we have tons of voicemail from Stargate fans on the series finale and the end of SGU.

The podcast will continue on a somewhat less regular schedule, as we have time. Next up is our discussion of Season Two as a whole, followed by an overall look at the third series in “SGU Deconstructed.”

Call the Podcast Hotline! Give us your thoughts on SGU Season Two as a whole. Did the show improve from its first year? Were you happy with the story arcs and what the writers did with them? Leave us a voicemail now to be a part of our next podcast discussion.

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Discussion“Gauntlet” (SGU Episode #220)

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Next Episode: SGU Season Two. We’ll review the whole of Season Two and how the show improved from its freshman year. Call the Podcast Hotline now and join the conversation!

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  • I don’t think any of the episodes had “to be continue” at the end, even if there was a cliffhanger.

  • The biggest disappointment is that we’ll never ever find out what Destiny’s mission really was. What was going to be at the end? I have a feeling it would have been a big game-changer for the Stargate universe as a whole and we’ll never know :(. Curse you SyFy!

    This has always been a problem with Stargate though, their obssession with leaving things “open-ended” like the crap they pulled with the SG-1 series finale. While it was a great episode, SG-1 after ten years deserved something more. We DID get Continuum and The Ark of Truth, which I call the series finale for SG-1 (just like I consider Generations the series finale for TNG and Star Trek 6 the series finale for TOS) but it would have been better with a more closed series finale.

    What the writers SHOULD have done is when they saw the writing on the wall, craft season 2 as the final. The finale for season 2 should have been the mid-season cliffhanger, with the second half being them waking up and finding Destiny at its mission objective. They could have finished it that way and even used it to bring in more SG-1/Atlantis cast members and for like the final two episodes have it be this epic finale for the franchise as a whole, since we’ll never get a good finale.

  • I’m still having a hard time beleaving it. SGU was great, really great, it was and has made stargate so much better as a whole. I didn’t see this coming, and I think sysfy has made a horible mistake. I hope they realize that and regret their decision forever. I honestly hope they fail miserebly and get cancelled, like they seam to think SGU did. :(

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