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GateWorld Podcast: Passing the Baton

Friday - March 2, 2012
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The GateWorld Podcast is back! We have new plans for the show in 2012, including new Stargate topics and some expansion into talk about other television favorites. But first … there’s a big change to announce, as Darren gets ready to take some time off and passes the baton to a brand new regular co-host.

Joining Darren and David for the show this week is our favorite guest star and newly promoted co-host, Diana Botsford! Diana teaches screenwriting as an Assistant Professor at Missouri State University. She has degrees in screenwriting and producing from Boston University, and creative writing from Seton Hill University. Prior to joining Missouri State University, she spent 12 years in Los Angeles in the television and film industry, followed by 5 years developing streaming media content and community-driven websites for Microsoft. She’s also a Stargate novelist, penning Four Dragons and the new forthcoming novel The Drift. (Visit her Web site at

We’ll catch up on what we have been doing, the future of the podcast, and what’s to come on GateWorld. We’ll also talk about new sci-fi movies, Diana’s next Stargate SG-1 novel and student film project, and more.

Call the Podcast Hotline! We want to hear from you! Ask David and Diana a question, suggest a topic, or just sound off on Stargate and science fiction. Leave a voicemail on the Podcast Hotline number below.

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  • Good to hear. It is also good to hear that there are further Stargate novels in the works. Makes my day.

  • Glad to hear that I’m not alone in not liking the Star Trek reboot :-)

  • Any word on the commentaries? I understood the lack of podcast due to the lack of news, but I’m really missing the commentaries.

    Looking forward to a site that doesn’t look and feel like it’s from the ’90s.

  • about mother f$ck$@#$#$ time been waiting for a new ep for AGES!

  • Darren

    @rambosmurf: We didn’t get much indication that the commentaries were being utilized all that much, so they were the first to go when we got too busy. But I’m all for restarting them later this year IF there is sufficient interest out there …

  • Darren I will very much miss you on the podcasts. You’re one of the backbones of that show and I’m not at all pleased to hear you’re leaving :(
    And re. commentaries – as I think I’ve mentioned you hid them so well and named them badly so even I who dig high and low for your podcasts couldn’t sometimes find them. You should have named them Podcast… something and put them on a page where they could easily be found…

    And I think there are so much more details you could have developed in podcast regarding the seasons… or taken on episode and discuss some philosophical aspect or related to script writing or *whatever*. There are so many things to talk about re. STARGATE!

  • Darren

    Thanks, dax. The main impetus for my handing off the reigns really is time and the need to focus on my studies over the next six months. At the same time that I was coming to that decision, David and Diana were pitching a second podcast … so it made sense to just have them do the GW Podcast, rather than end up only finding time to do the show every 2-3 months. But I won’t be gone forever!

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