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GateWorld Podcast: Celebrating Joel Goldsmith

Thursday - May 24, 2012
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In this installment, David and Diana spend an episode of the GateWorld podcast celebrating the life and legacy of Joel Goldsmith, composer of all three incarnations of the Stargate television series, who passed away on April 29 at the age of 54. As a special treat, the two are joined by Joel’s long-time collaborator and friend Neal Acree, who assisted Goldsmith since Season Three of SG-1.

They also take time to discuss Epilogue, the new Web series Diana has been busily producing, and offer up a hint of the project’s caliber by inviting you to view “Apollo,” a sci-fi film previously produced by Botsford and her students! Epilogue’s trailer premieres March 25! You’ll find the links below, including a special link to photos of Joel, provided by Neal!

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Epilogue the Series
Apollo (complete film)
Photos of Joel Goldsmith
Joel’s Web Site

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  • Just as his father, Jerry left a great legacy through Star Trek and movies like Alien, Joel left a great legacy through Stargate Sg-1. I often wonder if Rick Berman hadn’t been so uptight about music during the TNG era if TNG music would have been more memorable like the stuff Joel or Bear McCreary (I know I probably spelled that right) did for their shows.

  • Funny that you guys talk about subtle music when there’s incredibly dramatic and not at all subtle music playing over it. Which took away from the interview.

  • I enjoyed the interview. My favorite Joel Goldsmith is the theme to Stargate:Atlantis. I know that he did it in the style of David Arnold, but he also, in the chorus, reminded me of Debussy’s Engulfed Cathedral. And, I loved the music in Continuum, esp. the music when they are trekking across the Artic and New Identities. These were truly epic themes…just gorgeous and poignant.

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