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Stargate News
Can A Movie Reboot Save Stargate?
Monday - September 16, 2013
EDITORIAL: GateWorld looks at whether the Devlin/Emmerich reboot trilogy is the franchise's last, best hope for a future.

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Fight SOPA and PIPA
Wednesday - January 18, 2012
Two bills about to come before the U.S. Congress threaten to censor the Internet and oppress online businesses.

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Syfy responds to Stargate ratings, time slot changes
Wednesday - May 11, 2011
Syfy Channel has offered a brief response to our challenge to move wrestling off of Friday nights.

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How Wrestling is Killing Science Fiction
Wednesday - May 4, 2011
Why are scripted shows largely failing in the ratings? An open letter to the programming executives at Syfy Channel.

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Six Reasons SGU Was Cancelled
Friday - December 17, 2010
Opinion: Syfy Channel's programming strategy is largely to blame for Stargate Universe's failure to reach a third season.

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Star Tunes: A Look at the Music of SGU
Tuesday - September 7, 2010
Julian Landau Brown looks at the use of contemporary music on Stargate Universe.

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For Cryin’ Out Loud: MGM’s Financial Crisis
Friday - April 30, 2010
Does MGM's money trouble spell doom for Stargate Universe?

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For Cryin’ Out Loud: ‘Space’ Delivers
Friday - April 9, 2010
Want action, aliens, and some sci-fi coolness added to your SGU viewing experience? You got it.

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For Cryin’ Out Loud: You’ve Had Your Say
Friday - April 2, 2010
Change is in the works at GateWorld. Find out what it means for you and how you participate in the community.

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For Cryin’ Out Loud: The SGU Trailer
Friday - March 12, 2010
Season One's slow build-up is about to pay off. Let's watch it again!

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For Cryin’ Out Loud: PX-75309
Friday - March 5, 2010
Sci-Fried premieres an unforgettable Stargate parody music video! ALSO: This week's reader Q&A.

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For Cryin’ Out Loud: Free Expression on GateWorld
Friday - February 26, 2010
In this week's editor's column, we answer the question of whether free expression or censorship rules at GateWorld.

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For Cryin’ Out Loud! GateWorld’s New Friday Column
Friday - February 19, 2010
We want to hear what you want to talk about. Join the conversation each Friday!

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Review: SGU’s ‘Justice’
Monday - December 7, 2009
Julian Landau-Brown runs down the mid-season finale, and why it could be Stargate Universe's best hour yet.

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Review: Air Novelization
Thursday - November 26, 2009
The new novelization of Stargate Universe's premiere kicks off a new series of SGU books! Here's our take.

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Review: SGU’s ‘Life’
Thursday - November 26, 2009
Julian Landau-Brown looks at last week's new episode of Stargate Universe.

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Review: SGU’s ‘Time’
Tuesday - November 17, 2009
Julian Landau-Brown offers his take on last week's exciting episode of Stargate Universe!

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Review: SGU’s ‘Earth’
Sunday - November 8, 2009
From nightclubbing to body swapping, Julian Landau-Brown looks at Friday's new episode of Stargate Universe.

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Review: SGU’s ‘Water’
Sunday - November 1, 2009
Julian Landau-Brown takes on the newest episode of Stargate Universe.

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Review: SGU’s ‘Light’
Sunday - October 25, 2009
Julian Landau-Brown gives his take on Friday's new episode of Stargate Universe.

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